Every year, Providence Academy students and teachers join fellow pro-lifers from the Twin Cities area to participate in the “Life is Wonderful” run organized by Abria Pregnancy Resources. Abria, a clinic in St. Paul that helps women and couples with their unplanned pregnancies free of charge, organizes the run to raise money as well as spread the pro-life message.

Fittingly, the annual run takes place on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. There are many activities for families so they can celebrate early, such as an ice cream truck, face painting, and a Mother’s Day card crafting station. Attendee Peyton Menzel ‘22 said the part he was most excited about was “getting two ice creams.”

The Mother’s Day Card crafting booth allowed those attending the run to put a personal touch on this year’s thank-you to their Mom, and avoid a midnight run for a card! (PAW photo courtesy of Donna White)

However, it’s not all just fun and games. The main event is a 5k/10k around Lake Harriet. Everybody’s times are tracked and posted online. Along with many parents, students, Lions for Life faculty sponsor Angela Jendro, local PA legend, track coach, and English teacher Amelia Uppgaard represented Providence Academy very well in the 10k, clocking in at just over 44 minutes. Uppgaard remarked, “I just think it’s a really cool cause and I’m glad we had the outstanding representation there that we did.”

The starting point of the the 5k/10k last weekend at Lake Harriet. (PAW photo courtesy of Donna White)

Although this seems like simply a fun day for the family, attendees have a real commitment and devotion to the pro-life movement. In fact, the movement has gotten a lot of attention recently thanks to the movie “Unplanned” and its depiction of the conversion of former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson. She has motivated many “pro-lifers” challenging, “It’s great that you’re ‘pro-life’; but tell me:  how are you pro-life?” Johnson encourages people to examine whether they merely vocally call themselves “pro-life”, or actually support the movement and work to inspire a change in their hearts, homes, and community.

If you are looking for a way to participate and get to know a greater part of the local pro-life movement, consider the Abria “Life is Wonderful” run next year. PA students, families, and teachers attend in growing numbers every year – and you can be one of them.