Once again, House Week graced the upper school calendar. The competition between upper school Houses from all year culminates in one action-packed week of scavenger hunts, field days, and out of uniform days. It is good fun for teachers and students alike as it encourages a friendly air of creative competition among the student body.

Will Wehmann ’22 took a break from twinning with his actual twin, Henry, and teamed up with Maddy Young ’20 (Photo courtesy of Claire Roden).

Monday- Marvel-vs-DC  House week this year started with a big “Shazam!”, an epic battle of fan-doms between Marvel and DC. With the recent release of Avengers Endgame, this was the perfect match up of superheroes and allowed students to take sides. The heavyweight champion of the match-up was Marvel, although DC had some decent representation. Of course, not everyone took a side. Joseph Uzelac ‘22 proudly sported his PA theater shirt instead. “I enjoy the heroes from DC, but the story line from Marvel is better”, he stated, “I’m actually more of a Doctor Who fan.” Regardless of what fandom you support, Marvel versus DC day was a hit.

Adriana Azarian ’22 and Mae Monette ’21 get into the spirit of House week and pose for a twin picture in the sophomore hallway (Photo courtesy of Claire Roden).

Tuesday- All School Mass  On Tuesday, the entire upper school got one last opportunity to celebrate mass together in the Great Room. It was a good time to share our Catholic faith across the grades and come together for beautiful fellowship, music provided by the choir, and liturgy. 


Wednesday- Jersey Day and Field Day  Wednesday marked the halfway point for House week, but the fun only escalated. The entire student body showed their pride for their favorite sports teams with jersey day, which invited a colorful and athletic variety to the everyday humdrum of the school attire. To add to the fun, the house leaders organized an outside field day that encouraged students to get out in the sun for some fun and games, from Ultimate Frisbee to Tug of War.  Not only were the students having fun, but some of the teachers got in on the action, too. Band director and Xi house adviser Mr. Jones joined in on an epic match of tug of war, and was on the winning team.

Joey Lambert and Nathan Borthwick (both’19)Pose as Tropical Tourist Twins, photo bombed by Joseph Luedke ’19 (Photo courtesy of Claire Roden).

Thursday- Twin Day  The full out of uniform day for this year’s house week was truly one of a kind…well, maybe two of a kind. Students planned their matching ensembles and earned points for their house by taking a picture with their twin.

On Thursday, Seniors also took part in the second annual Grill and Chill, a fun activity for white period where they were allowed to go outside, enjoy the sunshine, and snack on delicious barbecue cuisine while playing lawn games.

Friday- Color Day  To round off the week, PA students enjoyed color day, where each grade got a color to show neck to waist and knees to toes. The freshmen wore red, the sophomores donned purple, the juniors sported blue, and the seniors showed off a brilliant array of patterns ranging from plaid to checks to floral to polka dots. House week brought out all the colorful personalities and capped off a year of competition, with Beta and Rho taking home the most points earned and enjoying a house feast earlier this week.