Everyone knows being part of a team requires commitment and dedication. Whether it be a sports team, an after school club, or a family, the work it takes to keep a team on the right track is well-known. And not only is the PA Softball team aware of this, but they also take it a step further. 

Players, Anna Leuer ‘22, Ella Flynn ‘22, and Kelley Rajkowski ‘20 pose for a picture right before practice this week.

The Softball team at Providence Academy is a tight-knit group of girls who encourage and support each other while bonding over their common interest in Softball. Whether the group is playing together on the field or seeing each other in the hallways, they always act as a team. One of the captains, Peyton Pietrini ‘20 shared, “We always make time after each practice to acknowledge good things we saw from other players. We say ‘Hi’ to each other in the halls and take care to check in on everyone”. 

One thing that’s brought the team together is that nearly all the girls who played last year are playing together again. Since there were no seniors on the team this past Spring, the players have quickly become reacquainted. Excitingly, the Softball girls also welcomed some new players this year. “The softball team is very close, but they are also very open and inviting”, Freshman, Cali Keller ‘23 expressed with anticipation for the upcoming season.

The team comes up with fun ways to reinforce a strong sense of teamwork off the field. “We try to build personal relationships with each player with things like inside jokes and handshakes. A team sleepover each year also brings us together” Pietrini mentioned. These simple, yet effective ways of building trust have assisted in making the sport a fun and meaningful

Last year’s team poses for a quick photo after their final game of the season; all but two players from last year’s squad return to the field this spring. PAW photo courtesy of Colleen Carron

experience for the girls. 

This sense of fellowship is essential for big and small successes on the field as well. Mrs. Colleen Carron, assistant coach reflected on the attitudes of the team: “We don’t focus on wins, but rather on the individual development of each player”. Having this solid support system, no matter what, enables players to mutually focus on the achievements of one another, rather than solely on winning.

PA Softball can teach us all a thing or two about what it really means to be on a team. They show us that friendship and teamwork go hand-in-hand. The supportive relationships on this team are inspiring—and they have a ball in the process!