Every November when the leaves begin to fall – more likely snow here in Minnesota  – the houses of Providence Academy gather to celebrate. With their brother or sister house, PA students enjoy a wonderful hodgepodge of pies, chips and whatever leftovers can be found in the pantry. Even though this event takes place year after year on the same date, somehow it is always

Liv Klammer smiles for the camera during her House Thanksgiving feast


Theta, a male House, is notorious for not bringing anything at all to the Thanksgiving feast. Grace Johnson 19’, Leader of their sister house, Zeta, recalled, “last year they brought one napkin and a fork, that was it.” Unfortunately, Johnson has seen a similar situation occur throughout all of their four years together.

Theta house is not the only culprit –  many of the male houses have earned comparable reputations.  Rho is known for forgetting to bring anything, and then having faculty adviser Dr. Keiser order pizza in a panic.  Their sister house Beta does not share in this procrastination,

Gage Petrini and Anna Kral show the perfect example of the annual occurrence

bringing many different kinds of pies early and often. Maddy Young ‘20  laughed as she remembered last year, saying, “the boys told us they would bring silverware and plates and we would bring the pies. They forgot so we ended up using tissue for plates and using only spoons to cut our pizza and pie.”

Time and time again houses eat their respective mixtures of chips, pizza, and pie on silverware stolen from the teacher’s lounge or no utensils at all. However, these memories are not all bad. On the contrary, many students look back on these experiences with a sense of appreciation. Even though there may have been frustrating moments, many unexpected positives have emerged. No one could forget sitting on Dr. Keiser’s floor with friends of all different ages,  eating pizza on a tissue and pie with a spoon – all while watching Ice Age.

Although it might not be the fancy feast promised, PA students are never starved of a good time.