This year’s Homecoming Football Game was nothing like it has ever been before. From the new halftime event to the below freezing temperatures, last Friday night’s game against Richfield was one for the books for Providence Academy students. 

The Lions fought the snow and won the game in last Friday’s match-up.

The cold temperatures forced football players to take extra warm up time and extra precautions wearing warming jackets to keep warm throughout the evening and prevent injury.  Pep band also felt the effects of a wintry mix; their instruments couldn’t stay in tune and the band had to make an early exit before halftime to prevent permanent damage to their equipment.  

Mr. Thomas Jones, band director, stated, “the weather made it impossible to continue playing, but it did remind me of being a high school student again, and braving the elements to cheer on your team and be with your friends”.  The frigid temperatures made it a memorable night for Amelia Hilberg ‘22. Despite the discomfort, Hilberg commented, “my favorite part of the football game was playing in the Pep Band and seeing all the snow.”

The student section emptied right before halftime as students and alumni prepared to march around the track waving their house flags high in the wind.

The snow slowed the band, but the halftime activities continued as planned, first with a dance by by the spirit squad and then an inaugural event organized by Student Council with the gracious help of Dean of Students Mr. Blonski:  the House Parade. Students and alumni were able to join their house and walk around the track flying their house flags with pride.

Fran Ramirez, upper school Spanish teacher and faculty advisor from Student Council commented on this addition to Homecoming, “It is fun to listen to the students coming up with ideas, and be a part of different aspects of student life”.  Ramirez added, “I like the parade because it is a way to honor and recognize our athletes and recognize them”.  The successful turnout and energetic participation from students and faculty has us ready to look for House banners–and hopefully warmer weather–at Homecoming 2020.