Cupcakes.  A trip to Washington, DC.  Red duct tape. What do all of these things have in common?  They are all part of events put on by Lions For Life: Providence Academy’s Pro-Life student group.  October is Pro-Life month, and LFL will be supporting the rights of the unborn in the hallways of PA.

LFL enjoyed great success in its first fundraising even for the year, a cupcake sale Tuesday, October 9.  Students donated the ingredients and time necessary to prepare cupcakes to sell after school for one dollar apiece.  Proceeds of the sale will reduce the cost per student when the club travels to Washington DC in January for the March for Life.

The next LFL event is the day of silence on October 16.  On this day, participating students will wear red duct tape emblazoned with the word LIFE on their sleeve and will not talk during passing times or lunch.  This sacrifice, made in memory of the unborn, may not be easy, but it is certainly worthwhile.

LFL meet on the second Tuesday of every month, led by president Grace Johnson.  Students who are interested but didn’t sign up at the club fair can reach out to one of the two faculty sponsors, Ms. Crouse in the upper school or Mrs. Jendro in the middle school.  Jendro reflected, “The hope is that the meetings will be informational, […] but also formative.”  Non-members are also welcome. The club already enjoys the participation of over 60 members, but is always hoping to grow.  As Jendro said, “If [many] people help a little bit, a lot can get done.”

*Featured image courtesy of Students for Life of America