From crazy hair to the cakewalk, Lower School students had an absolute blast this past Saturday at the annual Fall Fun Fair. This event, which spreads across three gyms, includes many different minute-to-win-it games where Lower Schoolers can win candy, toys, and cakes. Tickets open up the whole fair and all the games during this joyful day for Lower Schoolers and their families. Although typically advertised for the Lower School, this brings the entire PA community together for a day of amusing fall festivities.

Lower School Director Mrs. Nancy Galgano and her son running the bouncy house at the Fall Fun Fair.

There is something for everyone at the iconic celebration. Lower School students get to run around with their friends and partake in activities like bouncing in the bouncy house, sliding down the inflatable slide, or racing their friends through the blow up race course. Middle and Upper School students can volunteer to run different stations with friends. Volunteering allows them to develop important relationships with younger students. Lastly, parents get to make memories with their children while they enjoy the great day. 

“The Fall Fun Fair allows parents to have the opportunity to have conversations with other parents knowing their kids are entertained and kept busy,” expressed Lower School mother, Mrs. Jessie Bollig, who has run this event for two years now. “It really helps to build a stronger community all around.” 

Fifth Graders AJ Weiland and Henry Hilberg take a break from the day’s activities to pose for a quick picture before they run back to the Fair to enjoy more games.

Bollig was not the only one that enjoyed the beloved event. Lower schoolers zoomed across from one station to the another with their hands full of prizes and eyes wide trying to figure out what station to go to next. 

“I love the Fall Fun Fair,” articulated fifth grader Jake Shore. “You get to win free prizes!”

The young children could not get enough. Fifth grader Henry Hilberg partook in the festivities from start to finish, enjoying the time with his friends and winning prizes to bring home later.  

“My favorite part of the fair was the cakewalk,” remarked Hilberg. “You have the chance to win a whole free cake.”

Each year the PA community looks forward to the Fall Fun Fair.

Mrs. Meghan Milovich, a parent and teacher at PA, concluded, “The Lower School students are not only here at PA to learn but to also develop relationships with other students outside of school and the Fall Fun Fair is the perfect opportunity for this to take place.”