During the first week of October, upper school students, faculty and parents come together to celebrate the special tradition of Homecoming. This includes participating in a variety of fun activities and bringing in school spirit.

We measure success by the number of alumni who come back, which is growing every year, and by the smiles on their faces and those with whom they reconnect” notes Dawn Schommer, Manager of Auxiliary and Development Programs.  “In fact, the classes of 2008 and 2013 will be having their five and ten year reunion this coming Saturday.”  It is an important part of fostering the community. What makes it a special tradition for the graduates is having a sense of belonging and a reminder that this school will always be their home no matter how far away they’ve been.

Homecoming week is also a big deal for the current upper school students.  They love to dress up on out of uniform days, engage in fun house activities (which includes decorating house banners), attend athletic events such as soccer and volleyball games and participate in the Pep Fest which is held on Friday towards the end of the day.  All upper school students have the option of playing the competitions such as the Sour Candy Contest, Cookie Face, Stack Attack, and Scoop it up.  On Thursday night, the class of ‘19 took a big win against the juniors in the powderpuff game.  Congrats seniors!

If you missed out on any events during the week, don’t worry! There is still plenty of time to attend the Homecoming varsity football game at home against Paul Johnson High School.  The kickoff will be rolling at 7:00 pm but get there fairly early so you can enjoy the entertainment and cheer on our undefeated Lions! There will also be the annual semi formal dance held on Saturday night from 8-11 pm held in the Great Room.  Get your dance shoes on!