Coffee House in the Providence Upper School gives students a nice chance to unwind and also express their talents. This fall, 11 acts performed for the fall Coffee House, from a rock and jazz band, to pianists, to singers, and even violinists. 

The performances were undoubtedly the highlight of the evening, however the performers’ sources of inspiration and the significance of their talents also made an impact on those in attendance. 

Tabitha Roles, ‘26, explained, “Music is fun for me, and it makes me proud to sing a song and share my gift with others at the Coffee House. It’s something I’ve been looking forward to.”  

Ruby Marcotte, ’26, and Elizabeth Maiser, ’26 perform on the piano and cello.

With many veteran performers off to bigger stages, fresh new talent from PA’s Freshman class had the opportunity to join the lineup. Axewell Nyabere, a rookie performer, gave a unique piano solo performance titled “Strangers’ Echoes.” 

Axewell reflected on preparing for his performance, “I was nervous, but also excited because I had a clear end goal in mind.” 

Others like Maria Dailey, were no stranger to the Great Room stage. Dailey, who participated in Coffee House last year,  sang “Shrike.”  “I really love to sing and I hope to spread the joy I feel when I perform with the people in the audience,” she expressed.

For many students, the Coffee House provided a great way for the community to come together and make them feel supported. Aidan Flynn, ‘24,  sang “Lean On Me.” 

Jacob Olson, ’25, impresses the crowd with his guitar playing and singing talents.

“Outside of playing in the jazz band, this was my first time performing at Coffee House. I enjoy the support from the PA community that comes with performing, and the experience has helped me by giving me an opportunity to show friends and family something that I’m passionate about,” he noted.  

Nathan Ward, ‘24,  performed a piano solo entitled “Praise The Lord.” 

Ward said,  “I enjoyed the opportunity to perform for the Providence Academy community, and to have the opportunity to see and hear the talents of my peers.  There are so many talented people within our school, and Coffee House really provides a great way for us as a community to come together through music, as well as for us as students to support each other.”