From messy Christmas trees, falling tinsel, sparkling lights, life size nativity sets, and massive blow up Santas, the halls of PA are aglow with all the trimmings of our 2nd annual hallway decorating contest.  The brightened atmosphere is a warm welcome from the winter chill and a festive break from the frenetic preparation for the semester’s end. 

In the weeks leading to final exams, students compete–freshmen against sophomores and juniors against seniors–to have the most festive hallway and the privilege of being out of uniform for one day of finals.  It’s a great artistic outlet amidst the finals grind and a unique opportunity to connect with other students while getting into the Christmas spirit.

Colleen Newman 20′ helps put finishing touches on the Christmas tree in the junior hallway.

The opening day of the competition created a buzz around campus. Students from all grades bustled to and fro trying to create the most festive hallway of them all.  “It brings everyone together to come up with the best ideas and prepares people for the Christmas season,” says Maddy Young 20’.

Because the decorations are a collaborate effort, the competition builds relationship.  Teachers as well as students bring decorations from home to adorn their designated hallway in an effort to win the competition.  Juniors and Sophomores take away this year’s title and are already looking forward to being dressed as comfortably as possible for one of the three days of final exams in the coming week.

This growing tradition at PA is, according to some, the best part of the finals season. “It helps with procrastination a lot!” joked William Reschenberg 19′.  He continued in earnest, “it also helps calm everyone down amongst the frantic finals studying.”  It brings all the students together and adds an element of festivity to the finals season. We hope the tradition continues in the years to come to help all students and faculty bring some joy into the hallways and ready ourselves for Christmas!