Halloween is the spookiest day of the year. Skeletons, spiders, and other scary sights send shivers down the spine. For many PA seniors however, most bone chilling of all is the thought of the many deadlines looming the next day. November 1st is a popular due-date for many college applications. Students who choose to apply for these early action deadlines will be placed into the first pool of applicants considered for admittance and scholarships.

There are significant benefits to applying in the first wave of applications. Fewer students for colleges to consider boosts the applicant’s chance at gaining admission. Early action applicants also experience peace of mind knowing they have a few less things on their plate during the rest of the busy year. Although, the few weeks leading up to this deadline are far from peaceful. Adam Huser ‘20 had a lot on his plate, “I submitted a total of six supplemental essays–all due on November first.” Huser ‘20 is known for keeping his cool, but all this writing becomes stressful even for him. “The date came really quickly,” he admits. 

Adam Huser ’20 works on college applications in the Providence Academy atrium.


November is a busy time for underclassmen as well, but admittedly not nearly as stressful as it is for their senior peers. “It’s nice knowing I have some time before I have to start thinking about college,” stated Kylie Onserio ‘22. Underclassmen like Onserio ought to enjoy the freedom of their youth; however, she has started to think about her plans for the future. University of Madison, Wisconsin and Miami University in Ohio are colleges on her radar. Both these universities offer an early action application deadline that she will have to consider in the future.

Madie Anderson ‘20 on a college visit to Villanova University.

School counselor, Mrs. Kesney McCarthy, is available to help PA students plan ahead. “You’ll meet with me (Mrs. McCarthy) to discuss your academic goals and class interests at the end of 8th grade and again at the start of 9th grade,” explains Mrs. McCarthy. These meetings provide students with the opportunity to explore the best path for them to reach their goals. Mrs. McCarthy suggests different courses for each student, “It’s important to take into account the time commitment associated with your extracurricular activities, your study habits, and how much time you’ll spend on homework each night. We want you to prioritize being a well-balanced person!” Students who overload their schedules will struggle when the time comes to fill out college applications. 

It’s important to plan ahead to avoid future stress, but underclassmen should still their enjoy their time being kids. Eventually fun filled weekends will be bogged down with homework, and Halloween won’t feel like a holiday at all.