May is the month of movement.  It is the moving from spring to summer, and it is the moving of all students to their next grade.  Something that goes along very well with all this movement is the Step It Up challenge.  The challenge is an ongoing incentive to get moving during May by teaming with friends and community members to keep track of steps and earn prizes.

This challenge is run by Hennepin County Public Health.

Schools, communities or other organizations can group up and work together to be more active.  Step It Up participant and PA Middle School Latin teacher, Mrs. Kaitlin Pfiffner commented, “It’s a fun to way to compete with and against people in our PA community and Hennepin county.”  Along with 12 other members of the Providence faculty and staff joining in this year’s team, Pfiffner beamed, “as of Wednesday afternoon, May 8, we had already racked up 610,271 steps!”

Depending on stride length, that’s a combined total of roughly 300 miles!  With that crazy high number just 8 days into the new month, there is no telling what kind of huge number PA could put up especially if a few more fresh legs join in.

Step It Up also caught the attention of our beloved Physical Education teacher Mr. Chris Fussy, who joined the team earlier this month.  Fussy said, “Even though I already keep track of my steps, I still love working and being a part of a community of people.”

Also to add more of an incentive to stop binge watching Game of Thrones and get moving, possible rewards for the highest steps accumulated are apparel and even Twins Tickets.  What makes this challenge even more appealing is that it is totally free to take part in.

So what are you waiting for?  Lace up those running shoes, and get moving!  See this website for details and join the PA team at