Artwork submitted by Charlize Pedregosa ’20 for this year’s Art4Shelter.

In addition to food drives and trips to Feed My Starving Children, the Art4Shelter program at the Simpson House is another way Providence Academy students and faculty help our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Over the past few weeks, PA Upper School art instructor Mr. Chris Santer collected artwork from generous students willing to create and donate pieces specifically for Art4Shelter hosted . Art4Shelter, an annual charity event organized by the Simpson House, raises money through the sale of donated original works.

Providence students have been a part of the Art4Shelter charity event ever since it began nine years ago. In 2010, organizers of Art4Shelter reached out to Mr. Santer, hoping he would be able and willing to support the Simpson House with the artwork of his PA students. Santer happily agreed, and he now facilitates the donations of art from his classes every

One four relief prints by US Art Teacher Christopher Santer, the old 1st National Bank building, a landmark Art Deco skyscraper in St. Paul.


This charity event would not be possible without the generosity of artists across the entire state, from professionals to amateurs. Most of the paintings are 5×7, but some are 6×9 as well. The collected paintings all go to the art show at the Machine Shop in Minneapolis, where they are put on display.

Mr. Santer stated that “all of the paintings are anonymous and priced at $35 so that buyers will buy the artwork of both professional and student artists without any bias.” Thousands of paintings are sold, and all of the earnings from this event move the Simpson House one step closer to achieving its mission “to house, support, and advocate for people experiencing homelessness”. Founding member Megan Rye said, “Artists have the biggest hearts of anyone I know. I remember one artist who told me, ‘I could never write a check for $1,000, but if I make 33 small paintings, I can donate that much to the shelter’”.

Even if you aren’t an artist, you can still help! Be sure to attend next year’s Art4Shelter event and purchase some of the art for sale.  For more information, check out:

The impact the Simpson house has had on the Minnesota community.