The term “Friday Night Lights” has become synonymous with high school football. However, on September 28th, Providence Academy junior and senior girls brought fans “Wednesday Night Lights” for the 17th annual Powder Puff game and bonfire. 

“It’s a really fun part of student life during Homecoming,” reflected Upper School Director and former Athletic Director, Kurt Jaeger. “It’s a fun tradition for students, faculty, and others to look forward to, and probably the biggest event during the week besides the real game.” 

Quarterback Leightyn Ferrell, ’24, practices a play deigned by the Philadelphia Eagles. PAW Photo Credit: Anika Austvold

The juniors and seniors took the tradition very seriously, from Sunday afternoon practices to plenty of smack-talk throughout the week. The juniors took plays from NFL coaches’ playbooks, even using headsets and breaking clipboards after failed score attempts. 

Coach Trey Albertini, ’24, poses after breaking a clipboard following a senior touchdown. PAW Photo Credit: Anika Austvold

“The very best part of Powder Puff is the back and forth between the grades,” explained Upper School religion teacher, Angela Jendro.

The juniors were the underdogs of the game, however according to coach Anthony Fahnlander, ‘24, they had “more speed and focus than the seniors.”

They even pulled off the first touchdown of the night, with an impressive catch by Avery Lampe, ‘24, in the end zone. After that, the rivalry between the grades turned flag football into tackle football. 

Five intense touchdowns followed from Grace Counts, ‘23, Bridget Healy, ‘23, Carly Bixby, ‘24, and Skylar Bartz, ‘23. 

Despite the juniors’ countless efforts to pull through, the seniors ultimately won 38-12.

“We came back, we took the lead, and didn’t look back from there on,” emphasized coach Alvin Mokua, ‘23, following the senior victory. “We put in some trick plays that really confused the defense, and we played with heart,” added coach Nate Dierberger, ‘23. 

The juniors, however, had a different perspective on the outcome. “It was embarrassing,” exclaimed announcer Max Igbanugo, ‘24. 

The seniors roast marshmallows together to celebrate their win. PAW Photo Credit: Anika Austvold

Leaving the battle on the field, the seniors and juniors ended the night with a bonfire, music, marshmallows, and lots of laughter while reflecting on the game. Powder Puff 2022 was definitely one to remember.