Most young students comedically picture their teachers living at school. Though many teachers may sometimes even feel it themselves, when he’s not in the classroom, Upper School history teacher Edward Hester can most likely be found in his kitchen. 

Emma Boeing ’22, Lizzy McGill ’22, and Sophia Menzel ’22 pose with Mr. Hester at prom.

When people think of Mr. Hester, they tend to remember his generations-old blood feud with fellow Upper School history teacher Dr. Kevin Keiser, his professional-level photobombing student selfies, and, of course, his ever-so-famous kilts (that he even wore to prom).  

However, Hester is also an avid chef. He cooks and bakes every day, a hobby that has been an integral part of his home life since he was a child.

“It is just very relaxing to be in the kitchen,” Hester reflected. 

“My mom loved to watch Julia Child, which got me into baking and cooking,” he explained, “Then when I was probably 10 years old, my parents got me a chef’s hat and apron for Christmas.”

Hester has since passed on this enthusiasm to his own children, who now enjoy being in the kitchen themselves. 

Mr. Hester makes family dinners himself, including pizza “from scratch.”

“I think I’ve always enjoyed baking or helping my dad in the kitchen when I can, but it’s only been within the last few years when I’ve really picked up baking for myself,” stated his daughter and current substitute teacher Malia Hester ’15. 

“When my dad is cooking or baking, we’ll all pop into the kitchen at some point to taste the food or stir something that doesn’t actually need to be stirred because we’re bored.”

Mr. Hester enjoys sharing his talents with his students, making sweet “pick-me-ups” (ranging from cookies, candy, and “McMuffins”), and telling cooking stories both before class and over Remind…even the night before the history final to point students’ last-minute efforts in the right direction. 

Erin Brown ’24 eagerly tastes a cookie made by Mr. Hester after history class.

However, despite the lengthy lineup of sweet treats and hearty meals Hester has made, his favorite recipe is his “classic” chocolate chip cookies, which is something his daughter and students can’t help but agree upon.  Evidence suggests teachers agree as well; should a few cookies make it to the faculty lounge, they quickly disappear.

“His cookies are actually phenomenal, and it makes my day when he brings them,” exclaimed Anna Strang ‘24, “The fact that Mr. Hester has hobbies in the real world helps him be more relatable and really helps us grow relationships with him because we can talk about things as a class that aren’t just history.”

Mr. Hester simply isn’t your average history teacher. With his amazing baking skills and his plethora of quirks that are present in and out of his classroom, he constantly finds ways to make his class more memorable and even just a little sweet!