Monica Rampenstreiter “20 poses with her rose.

“Will you be my Valentine?” Whether asking a friend, potential valentine, or current valentine; the students and faculty of Providence Academy have a more discreet way of asking this age old question. The PA Student Council has come up with a creative way to let that special someone know that they’re appreciated- even if they never find out who sent the message. 

So how exactly does this work? A student must simply  go to the Atrium to find a friendly Student Council Member leading up to Valentine’s Day. Then, the bashful gift-giver must fill out their form, deciding who will receive the gift, if they would like to be anonymous and what they would like to send, be it a Crush can (pun intended or not is up to them), cupcake, a rose, or all of the above! All that’s left after that is to anxiously wait until February 14th, when the Student Council member will hand deliver the gift. Simple.

As early as a week in advance, the PA community can purchase various treats to be sent anonymously to their Valentine. Or wait until the very last minute to make their decision.

Student Council member AJ Hedberg ’21 begins passing out roses to students at lunch.

Senior Vice President William Horinek 20’ commented, “ A variety of people buy a variety of gifts; just because they bought something does not always mean they are in a relationship”. Horinek went on to say plenty of friends buy each other gifts just to say “Hey, I appreciate you”. 

The Student Council also uses this opportunity to thank many different members of the PA community on behalf of the study body.  There are so many people who make life at Providence easier, including school nurse Mrs. Maureen Murphy and Upper School Counselor Mrs. Kesney McCarthy. This year, the Student Council dedicated the remainder of the roses to the Statue of Mary at the entrance of PA.  

Mrs. Peterson shared her love for the event noting it is fun and secretive. Peterson admitted students often come to her requesting that she purchase their valentine a gift in order to ensure it is a secret.

Maddy Young 20’ received an anonymous valentine and described the experience, “It made me feel loved and appreciated, just a nice reminder that I am surrounded by people I love and that love me”.