Ed and Dori Hondl join their grandson Nolan Abin for a delicious lunch.

After 3:15 PM, “How was school today?” may be the most frequently heard question by students.  It is also an easy question to shrug off.  Easy that is, unless the person asking starts to inquire about your teachers and classes by name.  Since October 11th-12th, grandparents and special persons of Providence Academy students may be asking those pesky follow up questions. 

For over a decade now, PA has opened its doors each fall to facilitate a connection between its students and their loved ones. On this day, grandparents and special persons get a glimpse of the hours between morning drop off and afternoon pick up, a unique opportunity that affords an up-close look at student life.  The excitement of this day is shared between faculty, staff, students, and their families.  Headmaster Dr. Todd Flanders noted what a pleasure it is to host so many friends of PA at “our much beloved annual event.”  Flanders continued, “it’s important that grandparents and special persons know we appreciate them and need their support.”

Lower school grandparents come alongside their  arts and crafts with PA students

The lower and middle schools welcome many newcomers who respond enthusiastically to this annual invitation.  But many of our guests, such as Mr. and Mrs. Grey,  have attended PA’s program for years.  This year, the Greys enjoyed their fourth year of festivities.  Over and over again they are pleasantly surprised at how much fun they have.  Mrs. Grey exclaimed, “We have the most fun in history class!”

Mr. Randy Boushek is his grandson, Mathew Shaffer’s, fourth-grade class

Ella Von Dohlen ‘20 commented, “I love when I can introduce my friends to my grandma and when I get to meet my friends’ grandparents.”  One of this year’s highlights for Von Dohlen was the theology session she attended with her grandmother, Mrs. Marilex Luna.  “It gave my grandma great comfort to know that we are getting the faith formation that we need to defend our faith,” she concluded.

After tours, classes, and lunch, many found a fitting finale to the day’s activities in the Performing Arts Center.  Thanks especially to the efforts of Mrs. Beth Wolfe, Mr. Richard Carrillo, and Mr. Thomas Jones, upper school students and their guests enjoyed a performance from the strings ensemble, choir, and pep band, respectively.

For students like Malea Marxer ’20, the importance of this day is self-evident. “It brings loved ones together.” Marxer commented that her grandmother, Mrs. Andrea Marxer, has come every year since she has been attending PA.  Marxer ’20 reflected, “I know she looks forward to this day every single year because she tells me every time a new school year begins!  It would be a good idea to incorporate a day like this in other schools, but,” she commented, “it also makes Providence simply unique.”