In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in sports related injuries at Providence Academy. Many people believe this is due to the new turf field. The turf field has grown in popularity among  grass sports such as because it reduces the costs of field maintenance. Although turf seems like it the most practical playing surface, it has some serious drawbacks, including player safety.

Sue Johnson, a physical therapist for Allina Health admitted, “It is common knowledge that turf causes more injuries”. Unlike grass, turf is extremely grippy. When someone lands in an awkward position or is tackled at a sharp angle, they are much more susceptible to an injury, because their knee moves while their leg stays in place.

Like many facilities, PA has seen more of these injuries up close and personal in the years since installing turf. “Before the turf was put in, there were like two ACL tears and within three years of the new turf there already have been eight,” stated Logan Blomberg, who has torn an ACL.

With the implementation of turf playing surfaces, some athletes no longer feel safe while playing their sports and consequently change the way they play. “When we play on turf we have to be especially careful because if we don’t there’s a high chance we’ll get injured”, said football player Jacob Gable.

When a player is aware of the risks associated with a turf field they are better prepared to avoid career threatening injuries while playing. Some tips to prevent injury are: to come to a stop slowly after sprinting, to wear supportive footwear to help prevent ankle sprains,  and to stay mindful of your feet.  With this awareness in mind, play on!