Super Bowl Commercials

Although people want to watch the Super Bowl, they also want to watch the commercials. Every year, people look forward to watching new commercials.  

How much do companies pay to have their commercials aired during the Super Bowl? Although this question seems valueless, many people do not know how much companies are willing to pay to have their advertisements aired during the Super Bowl.

Providence Academy student Clare Hillen ‘18 said it costs a, “few million dollars per 30 seconds.”

Another PA student, Gabi Tessier ‘17 said, “Companies maybe pay two million every 30 seconds.”

Shockingly, companies pay CBS five million dollars to have their advertisement aired for 30 seconds during the Super Bowl.

This year, the commercials came from Colgate, WeatherTech, Pokemon, Wix, Jublia, Amazon, and 44 other companies. These commercials were divided into three categories: best, worst, and weirdest.

According to the website The New Yorker, the best advertisements include Heinz Ketchup Game Day 2016 Hot Dog Commercial, Official 2016 Jeep Super Bowl Commercial, AXE – Find Your Magic, No More, and WeatherTech: “Resources” Big Game Commercial 2016. The worst advertisements included: Quicken Loans, Avocados from Mexico, and National Football League. The weirdest advertisement include the Mountain Dew Kickstart.  

PA students gave their input on what their favorite and least favorite commercials aired during the Super Bowl.

Anna Rossini ‘16, said that her, “favorite commercial was the Super Bowl babies singing one because it was the funniest. Least favorite were the TV shows ones because no one cares.”

Tessier said, “my favorite commercial was probably the Drake Hotline Bling commercial because of the stuffy corporate actors telling Drake what to fix in his song according to different cell phone company requirements.”

Despite their differences, the students seem to have mutual agreement: the Mountain Dew “Puppy Monkey Baby” commercial was very odd and creepy.

Each year when there is a Super Bowl, people look forward to the commercials that will come with it – no matter how disturbing the commercials will present themselves.



Finding a great dress: she planned, she searched, she shopped, she conquered


Finding a great dress can arise as a more challenging task than expected.

Girls have no option but to consider many aspects that might come in conflict with finding the perfect dress for either homecoming, prom or any other social event that requires a dress and heels.

Length, as an example, might make the dress hunt nearly impossible. Especially today, with new fashion trends, that promote shorter dresses for events rather than knee-length or even gown dresses.

“I’d want to feel good in something new and experience that,” said Megan Stewart ‘16.

Three phases that may help in finding a successful dress that’d not only keep up to fashion trends but also, simplify the dress hunt include planning, the first phase in the dress hunt.

“If I started looking for a dress three weeks before the dance, it would probably take me like a week to find one that I loved and fit PA’s standards,” said Maureen Burns ‘18.

Early planning allows time to figure out what type of dress a person would like and also time for shipping and other things that could possibly delay the arrival of the dress.

When planning also take into consideration the event which aids in determining a suitable dress.

Last September, the annual Homecoming Dance incorporated a semi-formal theme. Both male and female attendees dressed in perfect attire that blended well with the theme.

Dress planning leads a person to the second step in the dress hunt, the searching phase.

Erika Homan ‘19 recommends, “looking for a dress 2-3 weeks before the dance.”

Browsing through stores either online or physically narrows the extensive search to a group of likes and dislikes, which lessens the stress of finding a great dress.

A few stores that PA ladies suggest include Lulu’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom or Maurice’s. Online stores such as Rent the Runway also have great dresses.

After searching through a variety of dresses, conclude the dress hunt by shopping for the dress, the final step in the dress hunt. Dress shopping tends to become overwhelming because of the numerous selections of dresses available.

Isabella Halek ‘17 states, “it takes me a very long time to find a dress.”

Therefore, one should allow plenty of time for this phase. Shopping does not include walking into a store and finding the exact thing in mind. Stores might have something similar but not specific. Moreover, being opened minded to other dresses, reduces the amount of time spent shopping.

Paris B in her blog ‘My Women My Stuff’ says, “I like having a second opinion, especially if I’m feeling on the fence about a particular item.”

Bringing either a family member or friend with to the store smooths the shopping stage. They most likely understand your taste and know what things you dislike, therefore, would majorly contribute to helping you identify, which dresses suite work best.

These three steps not only ensures a time-saving hunt but also a more fulfilling experience that concludes the dress hunt with an incredibly suitable, maybe even perfect, dress for the event.

Pumpkin Spice and everything nice: the growth of pumpkin spice

pumpkin spice
Image courtesy of

Pumpkin Spice fits perfectly with the fall theme and the most known from the pumpkin spice latte and frappuccino.

The Hershey company has discovered that 34 percent chose pumpkin spice as one of their favorite fall flavors. The growth in pumpkin spice production has also increased and is now being sold as bagels, donuts, and beef jerky.

What do the Providence Academy students think of this fall delectable?

When asked about the pumpkin spice latte, PA student Essie Broich ’18 said, “when it comes out I am not necessarily wanting it very much but, if I am at like a coffee shop, I will get one.”

Even though it’s not something that everyone craves right when fall happens, it is still very much enjoyed and picked for their drink when they go to a coffee shop.

What in pumpkin spice that makes it fit so well with the fall season? There is obviously pumpkin, but also cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Pumpkin spice, whether in a pie or latte form, is paired with whipped cream to balance all of the sweetness.

It fits perfectly with fall because these are the ingredients, and smells, most associated with fall in many things like bread, muffins, bars, etc. They give off a homey feeling whenever they are smelled.

Rachel Clark ‘18 said, “these three spices along with the pumpkin undertones create a peppery yet sweet bouquet, perfect for autumn.”

Even new fall fragrances have the ingredients of cinnamon and pumpkin, to capture the real essence of fall.

This fall, make sure you go get yourself a pumpkin spice latte, to welcome the new season!

A change in setting

statue of Mary entry
The Statue of Mary greets new and returning students each and every day as they walk into Providence Academy. (PAW photo by Isabella Benson)

Each year Providence Academy, specifically the high school, is blessed with new students with many different backgrounds.

However, one will come to find that most share a common characteristic: they come from a much smaller school than PA. This provides the new “Lions” with a new culture, new experiences, and a new perspective on their education.

On Sept. 2, a multitude of students walked into the school with yellow walls for the first time. Freshman Jack Kruse ‘19, who attended Holy Family Academy from kindergarten through eighth grade, explained that he had a difficult transition to his new school at first, but caught on within a few days.

Sophomore Tyson Hohneker ‘18 states that he had a great transition, and it went a lot better than expected. He had previously been a student at Chesterton Academy for one year.

“[My] transition was rough at first, just because of getting used to the classes and size of the school,” said Mara Peppin ‘18, a second-year PA student who transferred from a school with 15 students in a class. “However, now I’m used to it.”

Maureen Burns ‘18 who graduated from Holy Family Academy’s eighth grade class in 2014, said she had a very smooth transition and liked how PA offered many more academic and sports opportunities than her previous school.

There was greater interest in Providence when discovering the differences between some of these smaller schools compared to Providence. Hohneker ‘18 describes that “His old school had not as open of a mind as PA.”

Kruse ‘19 thought that his old school had exceptionally small classes and did not have as rigorous classes either. In addition, some students stated that their classmates at their old schools were more shy or not as outgoing of personalities compared to the students here. Kruse ‘19 commented that, “The atmosphere [at PA] is the best.”

Even though many differences distinguish these small and large schools, a constant is the Faith. In fact, the students at Holy Family Academy attended Mass every morning. Mara Peppin explained that her religion classes at Ave Maria Academy remain quite similar to those at PA, and that she was and is currently surrounded by Catholic families who have the same beliefs as her.

At PA, the students can relate to each other and pleasantly debate with each other all at the same time, providing great social skills and a firmness in one’s beliefs. Going to a school with so many fantastic academic opportunities, it’s exciting to see what they all have come to enjoy. Peppin loves American literature with Mrs. Simonson, Tyson enjoys Biology with Mrs. Sheehan, and Jack loves Spanish one with new teacher, Señora Ramirez.

PA hall
This hallway leads to Burns’s favorite class: Choir (By Isabella Benson)

Burns said he enjoys choir because, “they are all like a big family and sing really cool and super fun songs!”

These new students dove into all of the extracurricular activities offered here as well. Burns ‘18 participates in soccer, basketball, and softball, Hohneker and Peppin ‘18 both run cross country, and Kruse ‘19 is an active member in the Lions for Life club.

All of these students and more seem to come to PA for similar reasons: to be well prepared for college and receive a private education “like no other.” At PA, they are able to love Christ, become surrounded by new people that may have different opinions than them, participate in activities and clubs they would otherwise never have been able to do, and overall enjoy fully their high school education. One could argue that it is the “perfect sized school”!

Don’t Fear the Photograph

by Megan Stewart, PAW Writer


Every year, picture day is the dreaded, awkward, photo op: Sit. Smile, tilt your chin, move your head a smidge down, click, next. You get it back a couple months later and are horrified at the thought that this is what you look like. But it’s clearly not the case. Those images are all the same old photo and are not capturing the real you. They don’t show your true happiness when you’re doing what you love, or your smile when you just had a really good laugh. But as seniors, we want that in our pictures. We want something that will capture the best us, the real us. Senior pictures are so meaningful because they are meant to capture teenage freshness as it’s poised on the brink of adulthood, waiting to begin a new chapter in their life as college students.

Now the struggle to find a good photographer  can be hard. You want someone who is passionate about getting to know you to learn how to best capture you in a photo and what makes you, you.

Funny now, but is this really how you want to be remembered?
Funny now, but is this really how you want to be remembered?


“I think the keys to capturing someone’s true self are first, to get to know who they are. I send all my seniors a questionnaire that helps them start to think about what they love, what they’re proud of, how they see themselves. And then I spend time with those questionnaires figuring out how to best represent and capture who they are, what locations will fit them best, what parts of them we should try to incorporate in” says Jacki Vaughan. Jacki is my senior photographer and has already done sessions with me that show how serious she is about this “real you” idea.

She is constantly complimenting you, making you smile genuinely, and she encourages you to just be yourself in your sessions like you want to be.  She started her senior picture sessions and had this idea of “get real” as her business name. She wants us to be real, ourselves, and show everyone who we have become before we go off to college.

Jacki’s  business focuses exclusively on senior pictures and she loves it! She takes away the stress and panic of not having a good picture for everyone to see. Jacki really grasps what it is you’re after and how you want everyone to see you as. She told me a story about her best moment from doing these sessions for seniors. One of the girls she had was a bundle of nerves and had many self-esteem issues, “About halfway through the session I showed her a couple of the images from the back of my camera, and she started crying. She said she had never seen a picture of herself that she hadn’t hated, but she loved these, and that I had captured her the way she thought she looked but never came across in photos. Those are the moments when I realize how blessed I am to get to do this job!” says Jacki.

Senior pictures should be fun. They should make you excited about being a senior and thinking of all the future has to offer. It’s milestone that should leave you feeling inspired and ready to tackle this new part of your life. Don’t settle for just any old photographer who will tell you to pose hear, smile there, be serious in this one, okay move there. You want to wait until you find the right match who will work hard to get the perfect picture of who you really are.