Great Pacific Garbage Island

When there’s a buildup of environmentally threatening dangers, there are things such as deforestation, global warming, pollution, etc. which all are usually caused by toxic air pollutants. An example of this is the Pacific Ocean Garbage Island. This is an island created by human trash and stretches to the size of Texas, expanding nine whole feet into the ocean. From this, many animals’ lives are affected, from deformities in physique to improper living environments.

The Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch is the largest island mass of garbage in the ocean; however, there are many other large bodies of garbage in various oceans, such as the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and of course the Pacific Ocean. One may ask how this problem may be solved and how this, according to, 1.15 to 2.41 million ton pounds of plastic and garbage can be eliminated. Recently a group of volunteers have established a garbage cleanup machine to help fix this issue. Working together to clean up trash and help make change in the environment is hard work, but allows for a healthier lifestyle for everyone, and in this case marine wildlife.

Geographical location of the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch.

With Earth Day passed on Sunday, April 22, it is important to look at the nature around oneself and be able to cherish planet Earth and its many beauties, such as the sky, the sun, the ocean, and everything else it offers us. Nature is a beautiful thing, and we are lucky to have the opportunity live in it. It’s the very nature which surrounds everything living on Earth, from animals and plants to humans, which makes nature and its environment so beautiful. Humans very much impact the environment for a variety of reasons, from helping it be clean and safe for living or polluting it with various harmful things, such as trash or pollution.

Pile of garbage pushed together in body of water.

People doing good for the environment, either something big or small, can help make a great impact on the environment in a good way, thus making it healthier and a better way of life in general. Those who take environmental health seriously will do things such as walk or bike to work or school, not waste water, and most importantly recycle and throw away their trash .

Providence Academy students every now and then forget that garbage and recycling bins do in fact exist. The halls are never full of crumbled trash, but a piece of paper or an empty bottle of water are not necessarily rare sightings. To make a change for the school’s environment, students must come and work together in order to ensure our hallways stay clean, and with every student working in unison, any piece of trash would indubitably meet its fate and be thrown away. Cleaner hallways not only takes a load off of our janitors, but it also allows for the school environment to look its cleanest and best.

With Providence Academy students working together for a cleaner school, nothing but good would come of it. There is no downside to having cleaner hallways, bathrooms, stairways and even classrooms, only having a cleaner, even more beautiful school then before. Taking a few seconds out of the day to pick up and throw away a piece of trash shouldn’t be too difficult, so it’s up to the students to make their environment cleaner.

Beards for Charity

Beards for Babies is an event that Providence Academy holds every year right around spring break.

Those taking part in Beards for Babies pay one dollar to grow out their facial hair to their longest length possible. While the young men at Providence are expected to be clean shaven during normal school hours, this fun event gives those, who can grow facial hair, the opportunity to let it grow and not suffer any of the normal out of uniform consequences. Plus it’s for a good cause, that being to donate to charity.

As of the morning of March 16, Jacob Giesler ’18 and Andy McGurl ’20 had signed up. To enter this contest of sorts, you must first go to Mrs. Gregg, give her a dollar, and have your pre-beard photo taken. Then it is time to start growing.

But how does one grow an amazing beard over their fine spring break? According to, there’s a bit of a list as to how a good beard can be grown, so let’s start with step one. Step one, start getting better sleep. The better the sleep you get, the easier it is for damaged skin cells to repair themselves, allowing for healthy beard growth and healthy looking skin as well. Spring Break is a time of fun, relaxation and much excitement, but try to put aside time for plenty of rest.

Step two, don’t become stressed, and manage whatever stress you currently have by hanging out with friends, focusing on having fun, and working out. The healthiest option is to work out, health officials say, because working out improves blood circulation to your face which in turn will help facial hair grow slightly faster, but also much more healthily than if you grew a beard without working out.

An amazing beard and what every contender should strive for over spring break.

And last but not least, using a eucalyptus lotion can very much help with growing a healthy and big beard. Promoting blood circulation and hair flow, using this type of lotion to massage your face regularly can deem to be rather useful over this spring break to get the thickest and best looking beard, with some people seeing results in less then a weeks time.

If you cannot grow a beard or choose to not compete, you still can help this charitable event. The winner of Beard for Babies will be selected by student/faculty votes. To vote for who has the best beard you must give a dollar.  All money collected goes straight to Abria, which is a pregnancy resource center. Abria’s main focus is to help any woman in need of support while undergoing a pregnancy.


The winner of the best beard wins a $25 Buffalo Wild Wings gift card and obtains the honor of being voted best beard. May the best beard win!


SpaceX: A Future for Providence Academy’s Students

Space X, if their flights only keep getting better, could impact many people, especially those of us who are younger. With Elon Musk’s claims on making life “Multiplanetary” by the year 2040, the younger generation could be the ones to make that happen and to turn what was once a dream into a reality. Those at Providence Academy who have a love for space travel, research of new technology and science in general could become the ones to bear the torches and take on space travel and space colonization.

Providence Academy’s student body has much to offer not only to themselves, but to others. With the virtues that this school offers, and with the virtues that the students have, space colonization could be accomplished by the younger generation. With younger people taking the places of those older in the future, it’s up to those interested in space travel, finding new planets, making history and creating new technology to make this possible.

Elon Musk, inventor and innovator who brought back the excitement of space travel and the use of technology for cleaner air and safer cars, is the CEO and founder of Space X. Space X was founded in 2002 and the headquarters is located in Hawthorne, California.

A Space X test flight over California.

Space X stands for Space Exploration, and that’s what they are planning to do. Elon Musk claims that by the year 2040, Space X will have the capability to send people to Mars and, through the later years of more research and newer technology, hopes colonization of other planets would be likely. As said on the Space X website, “SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft.” The most recent goal that Space X has achieved was their flight into orbit with the Falcon Heavy model of their spaceship, which was equipped with a Model 3 Tesla vehicle. This spaceship is now in between Earth and the moon’s orbit. This is a major achievement for Space X having a successful flight into space.

Recent successful flight, attached to a Space X rocket is a Tesla Model 3, which is currently orbiting between Earth and the moon.

For young boys and girls everywhere around the world, this could mean a very bright future for those interested in space and multiplanetary colonization, but specifically for those at Providence Academy, for those who have morals and respect for those around them, could make many discoveries in the name of science, history, and most importantly, God.




Catholic Schools Week-Boys Hockey

February 1st was a day of excitement when it came to the boys hockey game between Providence Academy and St. Paul Johnson. Providence made an amazing comeback, which pushed the game into overtime. Sadly, the final score was 7-8, resulting in a loss for the boys hockey team. However, the game for those watching was extremely exciting and viewed as one of the best Providence Academy comebacks of this year.

Many parents and fans brought the game to Twitter for those who were not present.  “The Lions SCORE!!! It’s 7-7 with 6:05 left in the 3rd!!” followed by “We’re going to OT tied 7-7 between the Providence Academy Lions and the St. Paul Johnson Governors!! #GoLions!”

Tensions were extremely high as a single score in an over time game means an instant win for either team, but even though the Providence Lions pushed their hardest, it wasn’t enough to make that game winning score during over time.

However, through all odds the players were able to step up their game and change the score from what at first was looking like a blowout to one of the closest games of the season.

“It’s 2-6 Governors over the lions in the 2nd,” tweeted a parent. Down many points, the Providence Academy Lions brought a 2-6 game to a 7-7 game before over time. Much determination and hard work was put into play to be able to do something of that proportion.

From a loss, the boys hockey team knows what must be worked on in order for them to win their next games.

A face off at the beginning of the first period.


This Week in History: January 29-February 2

History is a very important topic to be aware of and to remember. Without history, there is no learning from past mistakes or learning from past successes. As George Santayana once stated, “A people who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.” It is good to know what happened, even when the event occurred ten, hundreds, or even thousands of years ago. With happened this week in the past?

The Rashidun Caliphate, based around present day Saudi Arabia, North Africa, Iraq and Iran.

Starting with January 29, a historical event which took place was how the Rashidun Caliphate ended this day 1,357 years ago in the year 661. First, what was the Rashidun Caliphate? A caliphate is described as “the rule or reign of a caliph or chief Muslim ruler.” The Rashidun Caliphate was the first of the caliphates, there being four big caliphates afterwards. The leaders of this caliphate were Abu Bakr (632-634), Umar ibn al-Khattab (634-644), Uthman ibn Affan (644-656), and Ali ibn Abi Talib (656-661).

On January 30, many important events happened. To start, on this day in history in the year 1948, Gandhi was assassinated. Gandhi was a civil rights activist in charge of the Indian independence movement, a movement which was attempting to end British rule in India and the East India Company. Gandhi led activists to be non-violent and would only protest peacefully. Gandhi is known today as an inspiration to peaceful protest and for those who are under a harsh government who intend to fight for their rights as people.

An early Coca-Cola advertisement.

January 31, 1893, the name Coca-Cola was first trademarked in the United States Patent Office. The Coca-Cola Company’s headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and its main form of business is the sales of soft drinks. John Pemberton was the first to invent Coca-Cola in 1886. Pemberton at the time was a pharmacist, but during the American Civil War he served in the Third Cavalry Battalion in the Georgia State Guard, which was part of the Confederate Army.

February 1, 1913, the Grand Central Terminal first opened in New York, being the largest train station in the world at the time. There are many unique sights inside the train station, such as ticket windows, a beautiful artistically painted ceiling, the Glory of Commerce, which is a statue of Hercules, Minerva, and Mercury sitting on top of the train station entrance. On top of this, the Grand Central Terminal is seen in many iconic and well known movies, such as Madagascar, the Avengers and the 1978 version of Superman.

February 2, 1943, the German 6th Army in charge of taking the Russian city of Stalingrad surrender, allowing for a major push back of Soviet troops and becoming a major turn point in the war. With the help of the Luftwaffe, which was the German Air Force, many civilians were either killed or injured. All together, there were an estimated 2.2 million soldiers present during the fight for this city. After the Red Army won this battle, they were then allowed to push back the German Blitzkrieg and turn the war over in their favor.

A Soviet Soldier at the the center of Stalingrad after the defeat of the German 6th Army.

“The more we study from history, the wiser we become,” says upper school history teacher Mr. Hester.  Knowing history is important because with written knowledge of the past, it helps us to shape our future, basically learning from past mistakes and past successes.