Final Farewell to the 2016-17 School Year

The PAW Staff takes a moment to reflect upon the many happenings during the 2016-17 school year. Click on the graphic below to see a top memory from each of the PAW writers.
They spent many hours combing the halls for interesting story ideas this year, producing some outstanding journalism. The staff would like to thank all who have taken time to read their work.  We are grateful for your comments and are looking forward to next year’s endeavors. Here’s to a restful and safe summer break.


FINAL Golden Egg Clue!

(Reminder: Be respectful as you hunt for this egg. Passing periods or free periods are the only times that your search should take place. Eggs will be hidden during red period today. Good Luck!)

Did you know that the eyes are the window to the soul? Increase your eyesight by reading the news and let your soul soar to even higher heights.

Golden Egg Clue #3

Make sure your conversations strike the right chord. Tune into the news at

(Reminder! Eggs will not be hidden until red period on Thursday)

Golden Egg Clue #2

Do you really want your voice to be heard at P.A., in Minnesota, or across the globe? Go to to hear what others are saying and find a way to add your voice.

(Remember, eggs will not be hidden until Thursday morning.)

Golden Egg Clue #1

Finding the right direction in life might be hard. Reading the news can help direct you down the right path. Check out for news directly from P.A.

(Note: Eggs will not be hidden until Thursday morning.)