The Great Room RePACkaged: The Performing Arts Center

A chandelier in the PAC.
A chandelier in the PAC.

Recently, PA opened up their new Performing Arts Center, the PAC, to the public, by hosting several concerts. The Providence Band and Choir concert, as well as strings and other Middle School and Lower School concerts were performed in the PAC.
The PAC includes many chandeliers, a stage, a balcony, and many well-cushioned seats.
Students and parents love the new Performing Arts Center, and especially appreciate it over the Great Room. One PA mom, Mrs. Farnam, says, “Yes, it was overwhelmingly beautiful! I knew it would be beautiful but it was more breath taking than I had expected. Great seating too!” Another PA parent, Gregg Peppin, says, “The sight lines were better, the acoustics were crisper, and the seats much more comfortable. It’s a magnificent experience!”

Stage in the PAC.
Stage in the PAC.

One thing that makes this PAC different from that of other schools is the general feel of the building. As each of PA’s musical directors noted before each concert, the PAC should be respected because of the beautiful building it is.
This is also an exciting time for students. Many students are excited to have performed in the PAC.

Front entrance of the PAC.
Front entrance of the PAC.

Freshmen Ikemonso Ayika says, “Performing in the PAC was a great new experience, especially singing-wise with its great acoustics and beautiful designs along the theater/stage. I honestly can’t wait for the next performance in the PAC, especially when we have all the technology (all the lights, sound, etc.) prepared for our next performance there. It will truly be a wonderful experience!”

Students loved their first performance in the PAC, and are thrilled for the next one. This newest addition to the Providence Academy home truly makes PA a school like no other.





The New Trend: Fidget Spinners and Cubes

There is a new trend for students taking the nation by storm. What is this trend? It is having a fidget spinner, or a fidget cube.
What is a fidget spinner? A fidget spinner is defined as a type of stress-relieving toy. A basic fidget spinner consists of a bearing in the center of a design made from any of a variety of materials including brass, stainless steel, titanium, copper and plastic. A fidget cube is a similar object. It is in the shape of a cube, with buttons and dials surrounding it.
Fidget spinners cost as low as one dollar, and many students use them to relieve anxiety and stress.
Many students at PA have been using them. Tommy Villafana, Class of 2020, says, “I like the fidget spinners because it helps me concentrate in class, and keeps me focused on the learning we do. I use the fidget spinner for anxiety because it helps me to not worry during a test and especially for end of the year finals. I believe that people with anxiety in life should be able to use fidget spinners.”
However, recently fidget spinners have been banned in the middle school. Assistant Director of Middle School, Mr. Blonski, says, “Fidget spinners were banned because they were crossing the boundary from tool to toy. Most middle schools actually never allowed them. Providence did. We even made a power point with appropriate uses for the spinner and other fidget tools. These spinners went from becoming off-task to disruptive. In my opinion, I think they were becoming more of a social status rather than a tool.”
Although fidget spinners were banned in the middle school, other fidget tools such as fidget cubes and putty are permitted, as long as they don’t distract or disrupt. “In the middle school, other fidgets are allowed as long as it is appropriate,” says Mr. Blonski.
Fidget spinners and cubes are a trend that can distract from class, but also help people.


A popular fidget spinner.
A popular fidget spinner.



A fidget cube.
A fidget cube.

Senior Spotlight: Leah Barron

Graduation is coming up, and the seniors are getting ready to leave high school for college. Where are they going? What are they doing? Here is a testimony of one senior, Leah Barron.

One of Leah’s senior pictures.

Q: What is your plan for after PA?
A: I will be starting at University of Wisconsin Eau Claire this fall, and I will major in criminal justice and psychology and minor in Spanish.

Q: What is the special scholarship you received?
A: I received an outside scholarship called the Schulze Family Foundation Scholarship and they award it to a limited amount of students a year. Six hundred applied and I was one of the lucky ten. I am the first one from PA to ever receive this scholarship. The scholarship was meant for people who aren’t receiving any financial aid, and will later go into jobs that will help the community.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A: Five years from now, I hope to be finishing up my Masters and having an internship or a job at a police station, or a starting job at a police station.

Q: What has been your favorite memory at PA?
A: My favorite memory at Providence would probably be playing undefeated in softball conference last year. It was pretty amazing to be a part of the team when that happened.

Q: How will what you learned at PA impact your life?
A: I think it definitely taught me to challenge myself and to ask “Why?” and not just to accept what society tells you. It also taught me a good work ethic and mental toughness.

Leah and her boyfriend, Raj.
Leah and her boyfriend, Raj.

Q: Are you excited or sad to leave Providence?
A: I am excited to leave because I have been here for four years; it is time to leave. I do appreciate all the time I’ve spent here and all the friends I have made.

Q: What was your all time favorite lunch at Providence?
A: My favorite lunch would have to be chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and gravy. I know it’s not the most popular one but I am a sucker for mashed potatoes.

Q: What extra curriculars have you been involved in, and how have they formed you as a person?
A: I have been a house manager for theater, which means I am in charge of reservations, concessions, and tickets for four years now. I have been playing softball since freshmen year and I am a captain this year. I have also been a part of poetry club. I am also part of NHS, which involves a lot of volunteering. I also tutor a ninth grade student. All of this has helped me develop a mental toughness and become more social.

Q: How has your family impacted your life at PA?
A: I am the youngest of eight, and I have seven older brothers, so I am the only girl. That has affected me on being up for a challenge and being competitive and it has given me a unique outlook on life. Being the youngest of that many, you kind of observe things better.

Leah’s final words: “Providence has blessed me with great friends and two of them are Melanie Ivens and Mckenna Reller, they are my best friends ever. Also, my little ones Helena and Clara, shoutout to them for being awesome and making Journalism fun. Providence has really blessed me with great friends that will be with me for life. Dab.”

Leah, and the rest of the seniors, will be leaving soon and the rest of the school will miss them greatly. Clara McMillan, Class of 2019, says, “Providence won’t be the same without them.”
Good luck Class of 2017!


Box Office Record Setter: Beauty and the Beast

Movie poster of Beauty and the Beast.
Movie poster of Beauty and the Beast.

Recently, a remake of the 1991 classic Disney movie Beauty and the Beast came out in theaters all around. Beauty and the Beast is the story of a girl named Belle, portrayed by Emma Watson. Emma Watson did such a phenomenal job she could win a NoBELLE Prize. Belle’s father Maurice, portrayed by Kevin Kline, left town to go to a convention. On his way, he gets lost and ends up at a castle, where he is taken prisoner by the Beast and Prince, played by Dan Stevens.
Many years ago a witch cursed the Beast and his staff because of his pride. His staff becomes inanimate objects and becomes a beast. Only true love can stop the curse from becoming permanent.
Belle gets worried and goes to find her father. She finds him, and offers to take the place of Maurice if he can leave. The Beast agrees, and throughout her stay, Belle and the Beast fall in love. Maurice leaves and rushes to town to get help to save Belle. The townspeople think he is crazy, and the only one who will help him is Gaston, who is in love with Belle. Gaston, played by Luke Evans, only helps because he is in love with Belle. However, he sees the Beast and is frightened. He runs back to town and enlists the help of some villagers to defeat the Beast.
They agree, and a battle takes place between the villagers and the castle. The whole castle is in chaos, and the Beast gets hurt. Belle thinks he is dying and proclaims her love for him. The curse is broken and the Beast becomes a Prince once again and the staff become themselves again. The movie ends with the famous ballroom scene.

Famous ballroom scene.
Famous ballroom scene.

Many students at PA saw this movie.  “I really liked it and would definitely recommend it. I loved how it showed that true beauty comes from within,”says freshmen Ben Guerrero.
Another freshman Teya Winn says, “Beauty and the Beast was an amazing film. I loved it. It showed a classic Disney movie, and made it modern. I could relate more to the story than before. The special effects, like Mrs. Pots, Chip, etc. were all spectacular. Emma Watson (who plays Belle) sang beautifully in every song, inspiring many to be strong, kind, and selfless. I recommend seeing Beauty and the Beast because it simply made me smile.”
This movie is already being considered for an Oscar, and it wouldn’t be a shock if  the award Best Picture was BEASTowed on it.
Beauty and the Beast was a great movie recommended by PA students, so if you are looking for something to do, go see it for yourself!