The Robotics Team


Here at Providence Academy, the robotics team is four main teams and is full of students ready to tackle the projects and to take on competitions.

IMG_8101 (1)
PA students work on a Robotics project. (Photo by Luca Igel)

They have a build team, electronics team, programming team and media team. With these teams, the robotics team gets ready for competitions where they have to build a robot for the competition. Their next competition, in April, makes a quick descent on the the team as they prepare.

The four groups then split into two, the build team and the programming team. After they all decide on the design of the robot, this includes how the robot should look, how to work, and what it should do. The build team then starts to build the robot while the programming team writes codes for the robot. They also built a cart to hold the equipment and charges for the batteries.

Kevan Donohue ‘18 said, “this was my favorite project since there wasn’t a lot pressure put on us to complete it and it was a lot of fun to build and decorate”

In the competitions, the team must have many mini-projects to build throughout the season, which falls under the programming team’s job. Also, the team has to have the robots ready to play a 20-second game with pre-written instructions without a person guiding it. They will attending the regional competition at the University of Minnesota on April 6-9. If they win that competition, they will attended the FRC Championships in St. Louis, Mo. on April 27-30. The team has yet to make it to nationals but go to one regional competition every year.

Co-captain Luke Igel ‘18 said, “our goal is definitely to make it to the championships. Most of our team is mostly made up of seniors who have been a  part of the team since its creation in 2013 by Mr. Plucinski. This’ll be their last year on the team and they’ve all come a long way. Everything we’ve learned as a team throughout the past few years has come full-circle.”


A Day With in the Life of Abby Brenner

Abby Brenner competing at the Junior Olympics. (Submitted Photo)


Abigail Brenner, a sophomore at Providence Academy, has a very busy schedule.

Brenner has a full scholarship already lined up with University of Michigan for gymnastics. She also has a full school schedule, long practices everyday and hours of homework and studying.

Having such a busy life certainly cannot bore Brenner. The success she has achieved amazes and awes many. Having many awards, high placement in her age division and a verbal agreement with a Division  I school, Brenner continues to do a great job managing everything and still having fun.

Her day starts off with getting ready and going to school. Her school schedule stays the same as other students until the end of the day on Monday-Thursday when she leaves either at 2:20 or 1:25. She then fills  the time from when she leaves school to 6:30 with gymnastic practice. Then she spends the rest of her night having dinner and doing her class work.

When asked about her favorite thing throughout the day Brenner said, “I love talking and keeping up with my friends.”

With such a busy schedule it’s wonderful to know that Brenner takes the time to talk and laugh with her friends and to relax.

With all on her plate, time management has become a difficulty for Brenner.

She said, “it can get overwhelming sometimes.”

Brenner has many out-of-state meets and, for the past couple years, she has competed in the Junior Olympics and nationals for gymnastics. With all of the school work she has to make up when she cannot attend school.

While juggling many things that she has to do, she has a great system set in place. She said, “ it’s not perfect just yet but it has been working well so far.”

After all  of this work, Brenner said, “I have Sundays to just relax and do nothing or hangout with friends and it is a nice break from everything.”

Brenner has such a bubbly personality. Watching her succeed in something she loves creates great happiness for her fellow peers, friends, and family to witness. Also to watch her strive more with each year.

Catholic Schools Week begins soon

National Catholic Schools Week begins next week.  (Photo from
National Catholic Schools Week begins next week. (Photo from

Catholic Schools Week, a tradition that all Catholic schools, participate in.

At Providence Academy, this involves different activities and events throughout the week that all grades take part in. The week involves daily Mass, dressing up and taking a trip on one of the days.

Maggie Koeppl ‘18 said, “as a part of student council, I believe that we did a great job making this week fun.”

The week starts off on Monday with Hero Day. Students could dress with a hero t-shirt and socks for this event. The day also follows with a Night with NET and seeing the new Star Wars movie at the Plymouth Movie Theater.

Tuesday starts with breakfast provided in the Atrium, for anyone who would want it. The theme for this day is based on the students assumption of what the groundhog will see, so either summer wardrobe or winter wardrobe. Students then can decide whether to see the One Act Play or the Chamber Choir perform. The event after school is the boys basketball game at home.

Wednesday is full out-of-uniform as the students go to different places like Feed My Starving Children, Good Will and Habitat For Humanity. This is for half the day, and then the students will listen to a speaker, which will be followed by Mass.

Thursday is class pattern so freshman are polka dot, sophomore are stripes, juniors are plaid and seniors are camouflage. Classes will go on as normal with the last class period being senior speeches.

Friday is spirit wear with morning adoration throughout the whole day with a girls basketball game at home at 7 p.m.

And finally the last day is Saturday with a dance which is the theme of a hoedown were students can wear cowboy boots, jeans and plaid shirts.

Jack Healy ‘19 said, “ I am very excited for the dance and for the service project because it will be a lot of fun to help others.”

Catholic Schools Week is full of fun activities and will be enjoyed by all students.

A look at winter sports


As Fall wraps up, the excitement for the sports to come builds, until all are able to enjoy either playing or watching.

Some winter sports available to one at Providence Academy are boys swimming and diving and boys and girls Alpine/Nordic skiing, basketball, with hockey.

PA has decided to start an Alpine Skiing team this year. Alpine is also known as downhill skiing in which the girls and boys have to go through different events.

One member of this team, Amanda Ihle ‘18 says that, “I expect a lot of learning for those who have not ever raced before, and I think that the team is prepared to learn and improve themselves.”

Another type of skiing team PA has is Nordic, which is also known as cross country skiing.

Caroline Heine ‘18 says, “our team this year is all very enthusiastic and are all very talented in cross country running, skiing, and track so we all have the background and know all the techniques to long.”

With a fast group of students on this team, seeing their success will be fun.

The boys basketball team had a very successful season last year and had more wins than losses. Last year, the boys went very far into sections last year, and their last game was a close one to Breck.

The boys varsity captain, Dominic Miller ‘16, says, “I expect the older guys on the team to lead and for the younger guys to get some experience under their belt. And that the team is prepared for ‘almost everything.’”

With their biggest competition being Minnehaha and SPA, it will be fun seeing the boys strive for their goal of making it past subsections this year.

Girls basketball have a great set of players with a lot of experience, which will help carry them through the season.

Sophie koeppl ‘17 says, “the ultimate goal is for all of our players to have a positive experience and really grow to the love the game. We are also going to do our best to bring home another state championship to Providence Academy.”

These girls are determined to reach their goal, and bring victory to Lions basketball once again.

Boys hockey, with a strong senior and junior line up this season, have made it a goal to make it past the second sections game.

Captain Blake Lucking ‘16 says, “I expect the older guys on the team to lead and for the younger guys to get some experience under their belt.”

With a strong unified team, the boys will surely be able to reach their goal this upcoming season.

Girls hockey is a very determined group that will push themselves to get as far as they can through this season. This team is a co-op with Minnehaha, De La Salle, and St. Agnes who have all worked together the past years and have formed a team that works very well together.

Junior Elsa Denima says, “we’re in the same conference as Blake and Breck, which are always the hardest teams to play, so playing them will be pretty tough, and we’re a fairly young team, so being able to play together at the same level as other teams who have known each other and played with each other for so long will be difficult.”

Pumpkin Spice and everything nice: the growth of pumpkin spice

pumpkin spice
Image courtesy of

Pumpkin Spice fits perfectly with the fall theme and the most known from the pumpkin spice latte and frappuccino.

The Hershey company has discovered that 34 percent chose pumpkin spice as one of their favorite fall flavors. The growth in pumpkin spice production has also increased and is now being sold as bagels, donuts, and beef jerky.

What do the Providence Academy students think of this fall delectable?

When asked about the pumpkin spice latte, PA student Essie Broich ’18 said, “when it comes out I am not necessarily wanting it very much but, if I am at like a coffee shop, I will get one.”

Even though it’s not something that everyone craves right when fall happens, it is still very much enjoyed and picked for their drink when they go to a coffee shop.

What in pumpkin spice that makes it fit so well with the fall season? There is obviously pumpkin, but also cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Pumpkin spice, whether in a pie or latte form, is paired with whipped cream to balance all of the sweetness.

It fits perfectly with fall because these are the ingredients, and smells, most associated with fall in many things like bread, muffins, bars, etc. They give off a homey feeling whenever they are smelled.

Rachel Clark ‘18 said, “these three spices along with the pumpkin undertones create a peppery yet sweet bouquet, perfect for autumn.”

Even new fall fragrances have the ingredients of cinnamon and pumpkin, to capture the real essence of fall.

This fall, make sure you go get yourself a pumpkin spice latte, to welcome the new season!