The Talented Charlie Hemler ’16

the great musician Charlie Hemler Photo by Drew Lahr
The great musician Charlie Hemler ’16
Photo by Drew Lahr

Charlie Hemler ’16 has always had a special talent with music. Ever since the sixth grade talent show where he was able to preform “I’m yours” by Jason Mraz, everyone has been excited when he takes the stage to sing or perform. The young musician is in a band called “Bored of Education” but that is not the reason this story is being written. Besides the band’s creative name, Hemler has decided to write his own music, and he is in the process of doing so.

The PAW sat down to ask him some questions to get a more in depth look at his talent.

How long have you been playing the piano, guitar, drums, and singing?

“I have been playing the piano for 10 years, the drums for 5, the guitar for 6, and I have been singing for as long as I can remember.”

Does your band, Bored Of Education, do any concerts? If so which ones?

“We are scheduling some gigs at local restaurants over the summer and we are also participating in the Maple Grove battle of the bands in June” (That’s on June 13th if you want to check it out!)

Do you ever preform on your own?

“Yes I do sometimes, but if I do, it’s in front of friends or family. Nothing ever too big.”


Noon Prayer a Meaningful PA Tradition

Students in Mr. Ian Skemp's study hall pause and noon to pray the Our Father.
Students in Mr. Ian Skemp’s study hall pause at noon to pray the Our Father.

Every day at Providence Academy, we stop whatever we are doing right at noon and pray the Our Father. Instead of the regular single chime bell, the noon bell is set apart because of the distinct double ring. No matter if a class is in the middle of a lesson or a student/teacher is walking down the hall, it is a Providence custom to stop, stand to recite the Our Father.

Ever since day one of Providence Academy’s existence, the double chime has been a bell the never turns off. Even during the summertime, when no students occupy the building, the “Our Father” bell still goes off. It is a good time to just stop the work you are doing and give a couple of moments to God.

I asked a teacher and student what their thoughts on the noon bell were.

PA teachers say they enjoy the tradition of the noon bell.

“I suppose I find it to be a pleasant sound with a deep, rich tone,” said religion teacher Mr. Edward Hester. “I would prefer that we would pray the Angelus because its the true Catholic tradition.”

Upper School Director Dr. Kevin Ferdinandt noted that,”Typically most Catholic schools do say the Angelus, but when we started this, we figured that most students don’t know that praye,r and thought it would be more appropriate to say the Our Father simply because more students would know that prayer.”

Regardless of the exact prayer, PA students say they appreciate the tradition of the noon bell.

“Personally, I enjoy the break in class by saying the Our Father,” said Alec Weber ’16.


PA artist profile: Luke Ziesmer ’14

Luke Ziesmer '14
Luke Ziesmer ’14

Luke Ziesmer ’14 is pretty well known around Providence Academy for his outstanding art work. It seems to be that his art is always out in the Atrium or somewhere displayed in the school for everyone to admire.

Ziesmer also plays soccer and manages the basketball team, but his main passion is drawing. When he was young, he realized that drawing is something that he is good at, so he decided to stick with and he hasn’t looked back since.

He answered some questions for The PAW so we can get a better understanding of his work.

Why do you love art so much?

“The reason I love art so much is because I can express myself through it.”

When did you discover your talent?

“Well, I have been drawing since before I can remember. Of course, I was not very good back then. Anyway, when I was younger I would carry stacks of about 20 pages of paper almost everywhere I went, just doodling random things.”

Have you won any awards?

“Yes and no. I haven’t won any state awards, but there have been like school competitions I have won.”

What art class are you in now?

“I am currently in Art 4”

Do you do any art related things for people/businesses?

“Yes, right now I am helping the Junior Varsity Providence Academy Basketball coach, Jarrett Fellows, put together some designs for his T-shirt company.  As I said earlier, I have helped with school needs, like the Homecoming banner and the Rock.  Also, I designed Nick Pruden “Number Thirty-three”‘s current hockey helmet.”



College counseling office update

As the new year begins, the college counselors are settling into their new offices.

The new location is more convenient for both the students and the counselors. It is also closer to the seniors and juniors, as it is situated in the Atrium.

College counselor Mrs. Mary Sue Walker said that fellow counselor Mr. Brian Estrada and herself are still working on the details of settling into the new offices.

“We want to make sure kids know where we are located,” she said. “There is more space for meetings and being right off the Atrium closer to the kids is also a big help.”

The counselors and deans are much closer to each other now, and they say it is easier to communicate with each other. The new offices also have more meeting rooms, and it opens up more opportunities for students to meet with the counselors about colleges.

The staff is also setting up informal parent meetings to talk about high school and college experiences.

“We will make things available for all grade levels 9-12, and we will also talk about finding the proper fit for students,” Mrs. Walker said. “There will also be Providence alumni attending to talk about their transition to college and how they handled things in high school.”

The counselors say the purpose of the informal meetings is to expand accessibility for all parents. They will be open to all high school students and their parents.

Review: For a Weekend Treat, Fro Yo is a Go!

It’s no secret that frozen yogurt has taken over the PA community. Here are some reviews of three popular places to go for “fro-yo”:

Tutti Frutti


Location: Maple Grove

Tutti Frutti’s frozen yogurt tastes good and doesn’t have the “icy” texture that some other frozen yogurt places have. The toppings are always fresh, and there is a wide variety of them. Unfortunately, Tutti Frutti’s employee’s aren’t very nice to customers, and some of them make it obvious that they do not want to be there.


Location: Maple Grove

Freeziac is small, clean, and it doesn’t have the “childish” vibe that other frozen yogurt places have. Freeziac also offer punch cards that can get you up to five dollars off a purchase of frozen yogurt. The downside to Freeziac is that there are not as many flavors as its competitors.

Cherry Berry

Location: Plymouth

Cherry Berry has a cool set up inside their store that allows for customers to hang out and talk. However, it is rated the worst of the three frozen yogurt places, so if you’re looking for quality frozen yogurt, I recommend checking out either Freeziac or Tutti Frutti instead.