Providence Academy held the annual Academic Letter Ceremony on April 12, 2023, recognizing students in grades 10-12 for their rigorous academic achievements. Receiving an academic letter is no small feat, as it represents the hard work and dedication each student has put into succeeding in their schoolwork. 

In order to receive a letter in academics, a student must be on the Headmaster’s list with a GPA of 3.67, for three semesters. Following a student’s first letter, every two more semesters of being on the Headmaster’s list qualifies the student to receive another. 

Providence chooses to hold a ceremony for this rather than simply giving the students their letters in a casual way because this accomplishment is viewed as an important achievement, and the Providence community wants to recognize that fact by doing something special for the students. 

Mr. Michael Tiffany, Director of Academics and Curriculum, explains, “Receiving an academic letter is an achievement because it reflects hard work in many subject areas, and reflects on a lot of choices on the student’s part. These choices show that they value their education and have made a commitment to that education.”

Tiffany made a speech at the beginning of the ceremony explaining the importance of receiving an academic letter, and what it takes to receive one. After the speech, he called up the students one by one to the stage. The students’ names who were receiving their first academic letter were called first, followed by those receiving their second, and finally those being handed their third. As the student walked up to the stage, they were handed a certificate , and a felt PA letter if it was their first letter received. 

Mr. Michael Tiffany, Director of Academics, gives a speech before calling the students up to the stage.

It is not easy to be awarded with three letters because it takes commitment and dedication to your education to meet the requirements needed to receive one. 

Koral Hortsman, ‘23, who has received three academic letters, says, “Being handed this letter means that I have put in the hard-work to maintain a GPA that allows me to receive this, and it shows that I have always pushed myself to do as well in school as I can.”

The numerous academic letter winners are presented.

For others, this was an important night because they were receiving their first letter. In particular, O’Brien Lee, ‘25, says, “This letter means a lot because I have put in so much hard work everyday, and it shows that the hard work has paid off. In addition to this, it feels good to be recognized for the commitment to school because no one sees what goes on behind the scenes with the late night studying and cramming, and I am grateful that that is in a way getting recognized.”

The Academic Letter Ceremony will continue to happen for many years to come. Students are grateful for this because the ceremony shows the students that academic accomplishments are worthy of celebration.