Written by: Mckennah Anderson

Every year at Providence Academy, the Atrium is filled with all of the Upper School students who clamor to join one of the many clubs that are offered at school. The Club Fair gives students the opportunity to showcase the clubs they have created while allowing upper schoolers to join any that they are interested in. There are around 20-30 clubs offered this year at Providence, ranging from Speech Club to Ultimate Frisbee club. The Club Fair is a popular event here because it leaves students excited for the activities that the school year will bring.

Alec Santelman, ’25, Romeo Sweet, ’25, Colin Gregory, ’25, and Matthew Hunter, ’25 show off their poster for Ultimate Frisbee Club. PAW Photo Credit: Mckennah Anderson.

“I like [the Club Fair] because it allows me to meet new people, and a lot of the girls I’m in House with have a lot of clubs that I’m interested in,” comments sophomore Gabby Guitierrez,‘26.

There are many new clubs this year available at Providence, including Hot Topic Club, Admissions Club, and Music Club. With around 150 sign-ups, Letters of Love is one of the most successful clubs. Letters of Love involves writing cards to children in hospitals in need of support and prayers. Unlike some of the other clubs, Letters of Love has multiple leadership positions, such as President, Vice President, Secretary, and more. The Treasurer of Letters of Love, junior Ella Vincent, says she’s looking forward to having this leadership position. 

“It’s really fun and the girls are fun to work with. We all do the jobs together; everyone takes attendance, we all bring supplies, we all make cards, and we all recruit people,” explains Vincent, ‘25.

Top row: Aubrey Ebertz, ’25, Joe Spades, ’25, Katelyn Clements, ’24. Bottom row: Ella Vincent, ’25, Pamela Garcia, ’25, Anika Austvold, ’24, and Julia Holton, ’24 represent their popular Letters of Love Club. PAW Photo Credit: Mckennah Anderson

Vincent is also founder of the Music Club, along with junior Audrey Ebertz.  Together they created the club as a music appreciation group where people can learn about some benefits of music, like improving mental and physical health. 

The Club Fair is an event that students will continue to look forward to throughout their high school career. The Upper School is composed of many creative and aspirational minds who will form and join excellent clubs for years to come.