Medical Club

On Monday the twelfth of March, P.A.’s medical club met at 7:30 a.m. to hear a guest speaker from The Robbinsdale Women’s Center and to see a live ultrasound done by a sonographer with more than 40 years of experience.

The whole meeting was informative and also very eye opening.  Those attending saw a human baby moving around and even hiccuping in his/her mother’s womb.  The Robbinsdale Women’s Center knows that it is important to show people that an abortion means an innocent life is lost, and they work hard to help women avoid abortions.

Guest sonographer, Mark Hutchinson even said, “The most important thing is to show that this is a living person.”

In fact the Robbinsdale Women’s Center is located just across the street from the busiest abortion doctor in the state in order to try to get people who are thinking about having an abortion through their doors. They also do many presentations like the one they gave at P.A. on Monday in order to show students an unborn baby.

The Medical Club, which hosted this experience, has many more meetings like this one every year.  Each has its own guest speaker, medical field, and topic.  When they aren’t going to the more hands-on meetings, The Medical Club meets twice a week every week to learn about medicine.

The Medical Club was created last year to help students decide whether or not they want to go into medicine, and if they do, to help students narrow the particular fields of medicine they want to go into.

One of the founders, Senior Caroline Heine said, “Medicine is something you need to decide in high school.”

There are so many fields of medicine that one might like or dislike, and the Medical Club helps offer important information that can greatly aid those who wish to study medicine.  The club is also interesting even if the student attending isn’t interested in medicine.

It’s because of the interest that students might have in medicine that Junior Eleanor Christianson and Seniors Caroline Heine and Kylie Walgrave set the club up last year.

Mrs. Sheehan, the teacher who oversees Medical Club and a science teacher at PA, helps to identify and bring in fitting speakers.  She also sets up field trips for the club such as trips to the Memorial Blood Center and the Starkey Hearing Center.  Mrs. Sheehan herself was in the field of medicine and has many contacts.

In the near future, the Medical Club is very interested in participating in dissections.

The student leaders and Mrs. Sheehan work hard to provide this experience and hope to draw in more students who either know they would like to go into medicine or who are just interested in a unique, educational experience.