Beards for Charity

Beards for Babies is an event that Providence Academy holds every year right around spring break.

Those taking part in Beards for Babies pay one dollar to grow out their facial hair to their longest length possible. While the young men at Providence are expected to be clean shaven during normal school hours, this fun event gives those, who can grow facial hair, the opportunity to let it grow and not suffer any of the normal out of uniform consequences. Plus it’s for a good cause, that being to donate to charity.

As of the morning of March 16, Jacob Giesler ’18 and Andy McGurl ’20 had signed up. To enter this contest of sorts, you must first go to Mrs. Gregg, give her a dollar, and have your pre-beard photo taken. Then it is time to start growing.

But how does one grow an amazing beard over their fine spring break? According to, there’s a bit of a list as to how a good beard can be grown, so let’s start with step one. Step one, start getting better sleep. The better the sleep you get, the easier it is for damaged skin cells to repair themselves, allowing for healthy beard growth and healthy looking skin as well. Spring Break is a time of fun, relaxation and much excitement, but try to put aside time for plenty of rest.

Step two, don’t become stressed, and manage whatever stress you currently have by hanging out with friends, focusing on having fun, and working out. The healthiest option is to work out, health officials say, because working out improves blood circulation to your face which in turn will help facial hair grow slightly faster, but also much more healthily than if you grew a beard without working out.

An amazing beard and what every contender should strive for over spring break.

And last but not least, using a eucalyptus lotion can very much help with growing a healthy and big beard. Promoting blood circulation and hair flow, using this type of lotion to massage your face regularly can deem to be rather useful over this spring break to get the thickest and best looking beard, with some people seeing results in less then a weeks time.

If you cannot grow a beard or choose to not compete, you still can help this charitable event. The winner of Beard for Babies will be selected by student/faculty votes. To vote for who has the best beard you must give a dollar.  All money collected goes straight to Abria, which is a pregnancy resource center. Abria’s main focus is to help any woman in need of support while undergoing a pregnancy.


The winner of the best beard wins a $25 Buffalo Wild Wings gift card and obtains the honor of being voted best beard. May the best beard win!