Student’s Stance on the Dance

There was music and dancing, but CSW ticket sales were not advancing. February 3rd was the date of the semi-annual Catholic Schools Week Dance, but, unfortunately the dance was ultimately postponed.

This was mostly due to the sale of only nine tickets. Priced at $10 per person, many felt that the price was too steep.

“Why would I spend $10 to spend the night at my school,” said one sophomore.

This view was reiterated by many students interviewed on the topic.  As well as the financial limitations, many students felt that there was very little promotion of the event. A view seconded by Mr. Blonski. He went on to say that the timing of the dance may not have been ideal since it took place the day before Super Bowl LII.

While the original dance may have been less than successful, a new dance is date is proposed. As for how to make this dance succeed, Mr. Blonski, Dean of Students, mentioned creating a “supply of poster making materials for students to utilize for increasing school spirit.” Along with this, he stated the need for students to put unsuccessful past dances behind them and look to the future and all the exciting things that a new dance could have.

Although a new dance is scheduled, many still feel that it will be similarly successful. Senior T.J. Lanterman said, “Most other kids seem to enjoy the homecoming and prom dances, a formal dance would probably get more students interested.”