“No, MY pet is the greatest.”

Pets are a beneficial part of student life. Dr. Fricchione stated in a 2017 Harvard Health study,”When you feel securely attached to this other living being, there are biological brain effects that reduce stress response, so it may affect your breathing rate or blood pressure or oxygen consumption or anxiety level.”

Aside from stress and anxiety levels, pets can also help students bond with each other, relax after a stressful exam, exercise, and feel more calm and conscious while studying.

Each pet is unique. This is partially why everyone seems to think their pet is the greatest. Junior Sarah Haus stated, “One of [my dogs] is really calm and motherly and protective. She also sits on people’s laps like a human child. The other one is crazy and childish- he is so clever and mischievous.”

Junior Gabby Munger’s dog. “My dog is the absolute best,” she said.

How many PA students have pets? Why do we all seem to think our pet is the best? To see an info-graphic about PA student pets based on a survey of 70 upper school PA students, click here.