Out of Uniform

Students dress out of uniform during Catholic Schools Week. Usually, the out of uniform is a theme. Some of these are patterns, like polka dots or plaid. Other themes are Hawaiian day or career day. No matter what theme or pattern it is, students in the PA community always have fun dressing in something else than the typical uniform.

Val Fish said, “I think the out of uniform days are creative, but the middle school has better ones like career day.” Most students love the opportunity to choose what they get to wear and to be able to wear comfortable clothes.

Controversially the middle school had two full out of uniform days while the upper school only had one. This may seem unfair to high schoolers but the high schoolers got to wear partial out of uniform for the rest of the week, while on Wednesday the middle school had to dress in full uniform due to Mass.

There may be a reason behind this. According to administration, Homecoming Week has more out of uniform days and activities for the high school because it is more focused on the high school, while Catholic Schools Week has more activities and out of uniform days for the middle school because the middle school does not get the opportunity to do as much as the high school over Homecoming Week.

Mr. Rickbeil (left) Gage Pietrini (right) on Middle School Career Day