Changes in Providence Academy

Providence Academy has stood tall for the past 15 years, and ever since its beginning, the school itself has been growing non-stop. First, let’s start with how Providence Academy has overall changed since its opening in 2001, with new additions to its foundations, new students, new faculty, and possible changes in the near future.

Original building
Providence Academy’s newest updates

The school itself doesn’t look exactly how it looked in 2001. From the interior to the exterior design of the school, it has changed an incredible amount with the support of students and faculty. On PA’s very first day, the building was a lot smaller (As seen in photo to the left). The recently completed Performing Arts Center made Providence much bigger than it once was, and could possibly be the largest addition to the school, at least for some time. Some possible future additions to the school could be a swim and dive pool, an indoor baseball field, or even making the classrooms a bit larger, allowing for more students to be able to enter its walls.


These are all changes that could be made possible in the future, however, it’s important to realize large changes that have happened rather recently. The two biggest changes at Providence Academy have been the Performing Arts Center and the new football field complete with a winter dome. The level of comfort has increased tremendously for both theater and athletic students.

Compared to other schools, such as Benilde-St. Margarets (1907) and Breck (1886), Providence has made some very large improvements in such little time, and when compared to others schools, Providence Academy can be seen as being just as progressive, structurally, as these schools, if not more so, in a much shorter period of time. Seeing this, we can see that the united Providence Academy community has a much easier and quicker time to complete new projects compared to these schools, who just so happen to be some of our biggest competitors.

As said by the Stahl staff on their website,, they’re responsible for PA’s additions, such as Phase 1, a 30,000 square foot addition for classrooms and chemistry labs, Phase 2, a 98,000 square foot addition for adding even more classrooms, a gymnasium system, and upgraded kitchen facilities. Those being the very first additions to the school, the latest that was accomplished was the Performing Arts Center, which is the first performing arts center in Minnesota to be completely lit by LED.

The Providence Academy state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center