Have you met NET?

People from all over the nation come to Providence to cheer you on at your sports game, hang out with you at Caribou, and to ultimately be a guide in your faith life. The Netters are very important people in the Providence Academy community. Everyone is aware of how important these people are to PA, so it’s surprising that we don’t know much about them.

The 2017-2018 NET team includes Alayna, James, Jeremy, Kaylee, Lindsey, Mark, and Theresa. These Netters are from all over, including Ohio, Louisiana, Wisconsin, California, Texas, and Massachusetts.

Alayna loves the outdoors. During her free time you can find her hiking around, or chilling in a hammock. She is a registered nurse and worked at a pediatric hospital’s emergency room for two years when she realized she loved working with teens.

Jeremy used to work at Starbucks. Interestingly enough, he is also a convert who hopes to foster his Christian journey through NET ministries.

Kaylee went to Poland and got to see the Shrine to Divine Mercy and the shrine to her hero, Saint John Paul II. She described the experience as “life changing and [it] just filled me with a desire to give up things in my life for God, like these great saints did in their lives.”

Mark started his missionary work when he went to Africa on a mission trip, and he continues in his missionary work as a Netter.

Theresa joined the NET team because she wanted to give more of her life to a greater cause. She was offered a job at NASA two times, but declined their offer both times so she could be a part of NET. She wants students to come and jam out in the NET room with her.

Tyler loves to read. His favorite author is C.S. Lewis and his two favorite books written by him are A Grief Observed and The Four Loves. He also enjoys video games, golf, baseball, and ultimate frisbee. According to Tyler, the hardest thing regarding the student body is getting into their tightly knit groups.

(Back row from left to right:) Kaylee, Mark, Tyler, Lindsey (Front row from left to right:) Jeremy, Alayna, James, Theresa

These eight individuals are big parts of the Providence Academy community. With the overall mission of “challenging young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church,” the Netters have some of their own personal goals to accomplish this year. Tyler has three goals during his time in NET: to “save your soul, bring people closer to Christ, and to just have fun.” Theresa’s goals are getting to know people better and building strong relationships. The Netters are always up for some fun and games, so stop by the NET room and hang out!

Tyler has one question for you: “When are you gonna join NET?”







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  1. The NET ladies are awesome! We had the honor of hosting them for two weeks and were blessed with their smiles, warm hospitality and sharing of their strong faith life. No doubt the NET guys are the same. The NET Team is truly a blessing to PA.

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