An Ideal Lower School Teacher: Mrs. Ellen Shay

Mrs. Ellen Shay works at Providence as a long-term 4th grade sub and as an online teacher to Chinese students wishing to learn English. She has been to Spain to teach at St. Thomas Aquinas school where she noticed many cultural differences between Spain and America.

Mrs. Shay has had the honor of working with students from 1st grade to high school classes, showing much dedication to being a teacher and being an inspiration to students throughout lower, middle school and high school.

When in Spain, Mrs. Shay’s colleagues told her of Providence Academy. Once she returned to America, she coincidentally ended up living right down the road from Providence. Thus, she applied for a job. Regarding coworkers, Mrs. Shay stated, “The faculty and staff are like family, and the students are so loving and kind.”

From teaching at St. Thomas Aquinas School in Spain to teaching Chinese students English via an online course, Mrs. Shay, the long-term 4th grade substitute teacher, has learned very much through her interactions with other cultures. Once working in Spain and now working as a long-term 4th grade substitute at Providence, her travels help show how different countries’ cultures very much differentiates from that of another, primarily in this case America and Spain.

“When an art teacher in Spain shows a child to draw or paint a tree, the children will have to be able to draw the tree just like the one that the teacher drew, whereas in America children are allowed to draw however they wish, “said Mrs. Shay. She also noted that when a parent has a question for the teacher, the parent won’t email or message the teacher, but instead the parent would most likely go in to ask the teacher questions face to face.

Mrs. Ellen Shay, in the past, has had a large array of classes she has taught, from 1st grade to high school classes, and when asked what her favorite class was to teach, she replied saying, “Honestly, and you may not believe me, I have to say my 4th grade class.”

Mrs. Ellen Shay loves what she does best, and that’s teaching students and having an important role in student growth. Mrs. Shay is an ideal teacher for younger students so they can grow to be good people.

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Mrs. Ellen Shay, long-term 4th grade substitute, and currently helps with after school and recess duty.