Hero of the Upper School



 Mrs. McCarthy


“It’s pretty neat to be trusted,” Mrs. McCarthy, the new upper school counselor said. For her, trust is a critical piece of her career. Her favorite part of her job is getting the opportunity to help people through their day.

 Why does Mrs. McCarthy love counseling? “I like to be the turnaround girl,” she said. She likes to be that familiar face at school, one that you can always rely on. Even if she wasn’t a high school counselor, she’d still be helping people. Mrs. McCarthy said she would have been a genetic counselor, a person who helps individuals with history of a genetic disease and determining the best path to prevention.

Mrs. McCarthy’s office plaque

What sparked this passion of good will?

“I’ve always loved helping people.” Mrs. McCarthy said, “I was inspired to work in schools (while working in a previous position) in which I got to spend time with kids who grew up in very tough, unpredictable situations. The kids always seemed most comfortable talking, asking questions, etc. in the school setting. I was moved by how school seemed to feel like the safest place for many.” 

Mrs. McCarthy received her undergrad in psychology, her masters in counseling and psychology services at St. Mary’s here in the Twin Cities, and her teaching license at the University of Minnesota. During college, she worked with kids who had disabilities as well as in the writing center.

Mrs. McCarthy loves to write, she is even thinking about writing a book. Some of her other hobbies include gardening, exercising, making photo books for her kids, and meeting new neighbors and friends. Mrs. McCarthy is very excited to be at Providence Academy and looks forward to meeting everyone.

She wants to be the person you turn to when life gets rough. “Everyone has good and bad good days at school.” Mrs. McCarthy said, “My goal is to be a sounding board, a support, a nonjudgmental ear. I truly believe that PA is a community that serves one another in faith and love. Being a counselor allows me to practice that mission every day.”