A New Direction for PA Sports

Providence Academy’s sports program is still growing and developing. Ms. Melhorn, the new MS Athletic Director and HS Assistant Athletic Director has recently joined the PA athletics team, led by Athletic Director Rick Johns

To advance these programs, Ms. Melhorn has three main goals. The first of which being to increase fan attendance. When fan attendance and spirit increases, so too will the performance of PA athletes. Her second goal is to hire and maintain the best possible coaching staff to help PA athletes perform to the best of their abilities. Her final goal is to help the sports programs grow, and to get younger students interested in sports earlier, hoping they will stay involved and active in the school and in the PA athletic programs throughout their middle and high school years.

Ms. Sarah Melhorn has earned a masters in sports administration, as well as a bachelors in sports management at Valparaiso, a small Lutheran university in Indiana, where she also played and coached Division 1 soccer, this makes her the perfect person to help advance the sports programs at Providence Academy.

Ms. Melhorn has had  experience in sports, ranging from managing the women’s hockey program at the University of Minnesota to coaching D1 soccer at Valparaiso. After years in the college sports world, Ms. Melhorn was ready for a change. When it comes to college athletics, Ms. Melhorn believes that “it’s run too much like a business”. She wants to help young athletes develop their skills without needing wins to remain employed.

Ms. Melhorn chose PA due to it’s combination of “great athletics with great academics”. She has said she enjoys coaching high school and middle school the most. She loves the developmental aspect of youth sports and is eager to do what she can to advance the Providence Academy sports program

Ms. Melhorn, a D1 soccer player for Valparaiso (2010)



Sports have always had an important role in Ms. Melhorn’s life. Throughout high school she was a three sport athlete, participating in track, soccer, and gymnastics. Athletics have had such an impact on her life that she is currently working to give all students the opportunity to have great athletic experiences in high school.

Ms. Melhorn has been involved in the world of athletics since she was a child. She brings years of coaching and playing experience to Providence, and with that experience in hand, she truly has the expertise needed to change PA athletics for the better.