What was cooking this year at PA?

Providence Academy has so many great things about it that the students love.  The students love the strong belief sets PA was founded on, the academics, the athletic program, and even just being with other really nice students.  But another thing which is often forgotten is the tremendous food options PA offers.
“The food here is really really good,” says Jack Tibbets ’19.  Tibbets goes on to say, “almost everyone has a favorite lunch; my personal favorite is the buffalo chicken basket.”
It is very difficult to find a more unifying, but at the same time disagreed upon question; How about lunch at PA?  Almost everyone enjoys the lunch opportunities given, but many disagree about the best lunch at PA.
Logan Bloomberg ’19 disagreed with Jack Tibbets saying, “It has to be the Santa Fe rice bowl; it’s not even close.”
Are there any complaints about the lunches provided by PA this year then?  “I kinda wish we were able to see what was going to be on the grill line earlier,”says Samuel Stoffel ’19. Stoffel goes on to say, “The only other thing I dislike is that PA doesn’t offer some lunches like buffalo chicken basket more often.  Besides from that I don’t have any negative things to say about PA’s lunches.”
Not only are PA students enjoying the lunches but even kids who are not yet readily experiencing this culinary magnificence get the opportunity to savor the foods.  When shadow students come to visit the school, they get a quick taste of what the lunches are like here at PA.  “They are very impressed by the number of options and almost always enjoy the food during their visit,” says Enrollment Coordinator Mrs. Nathe.
There are plenty of things to enjoy here at PA, and one of those things is the food given to the students every day.

Ninth grade boys at lunch in the Great Room. -William Walcher
A photo of the now graduated students eating their lunches


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