Looking back on Homecoming

Homecoming this year consisted of many activities. One event that took place was the homecoming football game. “The football game is always my favorite part about homecoming,” says Hailey Hohnecker ‘20. The theme for this year’s homecoming game was USA. Students dressed head to toe in their finest red, white, and blue clothes. Students gather around to watch football, but also to watch some cheers from the PA spirit squad.

A picture from the homecoming football game.
Students dressed up in red, white, and blue for homecoming.

Football does not just have to be for boys, the girls can have their own chance on the field during the PA powderpuff football game. The powderpuff football game is a chance for Junior and Senior girls to play against each other in a game of flag football. “The powderpuff football game looks so fun, and I hope to play in it someday,” says Anjali Moothedan ’19.

Seniors during the powderpuff football game.
The PA spirit squad.








Another main event during homecoming week is the dance. The dance was on Saturday night during homecoming week. At the dance, students could listen to music and dance with friends. “It was fun to get all dressed up with my friends,” says Maggie Murphy ’19.

Providence Academy’s homecoming has many other activities, that could be less memorable. “I forgot that we had donuts before school, but that was very fun,” says Maddie Kelly ’20. Some of the less memorable, but still fun activities include: theme days, pep rally, cross country homecoming run and much more.

Homecoming is a great way to bring back alumni, and bring the school together. Even if some activities were less memorable, overall the whole week was one to remember.

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