And They’re Off!

For many, the thought of graduation began on the first day of senior year. Many students savored the last year of their high school experience. Others like, Luke Butek, Colin Neeson, and Leah Barron counted down the days until they would be “free”. Graduation, however, is the last night all the seniors come together in honor of graduating. They also come together in remembrance of their high school experience with one another and to treasure the unforgettable memories they made.

“I am so excited to be done with high school, but I am nervous to start all over again” says Jack Wall. High school is where you build character and independence.
“I think one of the hardest things for me will be leaving the people I have grown up with since I was like 5, and starting a new beginning without them. I know I can do it, but the thought of it is something I am still coping with,” says Ashley Servais.
Derek Onserio stated his excitement for a new beginning. “I am excited to see what I will become and how I will change. Comparing myself to the first day of high school to now, I am still in shock of how much I changed as a person. You hear everyone in the years ahead of you say high school secretly builds your character without you knowing and you don’t really realize how true that is until you graduate.”
Graduation this year is on June 2nd in the new performing arts center. All graduates will be acknowledged for their achievements and will be included in memories given by teachers. Many seniors are excited for graduation but also know it will be a sad night. “I for sure am going to cry my eyes out once we throw our hats up. Their is no doubt in my mind that I won’t cry. I will honestly start crying when I start to put my gown on,” says Ellie Schneider.  Jacob Zielinski also states, “Even though I will be with them for the next four years in college, I still will cry. Memories were made on these grounds that I don’t want to leave, but, hey, there are grounds in college we can make new ones on.”
One more farewell and the seniors will be on their way.
“I will start crying. I had some of these kids in Lower School and to see them go will break my heart, but I know they will do great things and make me more proud than I already am,” says Mrs. Harrington.
Once the seniors toss those hats in the air, their new lives begin.

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