Out with the Old in with the New

Derek Onserio ’17
Elloit Tomaschko ’21

The end of the year is fast approaching…for seniors it marks the end of their time here at Providence; for the incoming freshman it marks the beginning of a new journey at PA…the start of high school.
Elliot Tomaschko ’21 is one of these new freshmen who are preparing themselves for the 4 year voyage in these unforgettable yellow walls. One of the benefits of high school is more of an option of classes than are available in middle school; this is one of the many things that Elliot is looking forward to. However, with the new classes comes new responsibilities of a more intense work load. “Balancing academics in general will be a adjustment for me,” comments Tomaschko.
Although he is looking forward to the new setting of high school, Elliot does have some memorable anecdotes of his time in middle school. Most specifically of these is the Fall Party that the middle school has every year. Elliot commented that he and his friends always had a great time at it.
Some advice that Tomaschko would give to current or new middle schoolers is to try Fusion football. Fusion Football is a football program that Providence offers that is between tackle and flag football.  “It was a lot more fun than I expected and would highly recommend it,” he comments.
While some are coming in, many are leaving the yellow walls, one of these seniors that stand out is Derek Onserio ’17.
For many students getting into an Ivy League school is a dream, a reach school that few achieve; for Onserio, however, it became reality. He was not only accepted into one Ivy but all eight Ivy League schools.
Derek has been a very involved student at Providence. When asked about his favorite memory Derek answers, “Definitely being in ‘Raisin in the Sun’ as the one act play this year.” The one act play is when a select few perform a play for competition and are ranked (to read more about visit Helena Peppin’s article).
After four years of hard work, Derek is looking forward to college. “I feel very prepared academically but the experience from the sheltered walls of PA will be an adjustment.”
Onserio advises incoming freshmen to “be friendly with the teachers, they can help you so much more than you realize.”
Providence has prepared these two students for what lies ahead, so now it is time to welcome the new and say goodbye to the old.

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