The Grand Finale

A picture of the ancient Metamorphoses play

Other sports have Senior Night, but once again the theater program stands out in the fact that they produce an entire Senior Play. This is a performance directed, performed, and set up solely by seniors.
Even those who are not normally involved in any theater productions are attracted to participate in this play. For example Ashley Servais ’17 comments, “I signed up for fun, but I 510v59u9zqlwant it to be a good show too!”
After a long year of finishing up college applications, decisions and scholarship applications, the senior class is almost done with their time served in these yellow walls. For their last month many have decided to work hard to perform an amazing performance of ancient Greek poems from 8 A.D. called the Metamorphoses written by Ovid. This in depth work of art is about the vast history of the world and analyzes the complexity of man. Ovid writes, “From such rude principles our form began;/And earth was metamorphos’d into Man. ” The play examines the beginning of time and can raise serious debates or conversations. It is quite the marvel in and of itself that these overly dedicated and driven seniors are taking on this challenge in their last month of high school.
Ana  Palomarez ’17 explains her role(s) in the play saying, “I am the head of the senior show and am both an acting and technical director as well as an actor in the show.”
Many will put in countless hours of work into the show; thus, many are excited to get started on it.  However, the cast list has not been released even though the auditions were five weeks ago.
Student director Abigail Fafinski ’17  says, “The senior show is a group of swanky people working and playing together to create a even swankier show.”
The play may be performed by seniors who lack experience in the drama department but the passion in the play will not be lacking in the least. The crowds will be waiting in line to catch of glimpse of the memorable performance…on a date to be determined.
In the wise words of Abby Fafinski, the class of 2017 will be “racking in the hours of dedication”, but in the even wiser words of Parks and Rec’s Tom Haverford, “Sometimes you have to work a little to ball a lot.”