The 3rd Quarter Final?

Possibly the most frightening thing about high school is finals week.  All of the cramming, worrying, and anticipation mounts up the closer you get to it.  However, perhaps almost as scary, is the (unofficial) 3rd quarter-final.
The 3rd quarter-final occurs the week before spring break in which teachers in the high school seemingly schedule all of their tests, quizzes, and projects.  There are plenty of similarities between actual finals week and 3rd quarter finals.  Both require plenty of studying, take place before a break, and can have a major impact on your grade.  But in some ways it can be very different too.  For example during finals week there is no homework or quizzes given.  But the week before spring break students are left with not only tons of tests and quizzes, but also some homework as well.

Samuel Stoffel’s calendar for the end of the 3rd quarter.

But is the 3rd quarter-final a bad thing?  Even though it can be difficult to study for all the tests, quizzes, and projects, it is very nice not to have to study over break.
“Most students don’t remember all the content over break, so if you are going to have the tests after break, it requires more review days,” says Mr. Blackhawk.
There are ways to make the 3rd quarter-final better though. “I enjoy not having tests after break, but I feel like we should not have any homework before break,” says sophomore Samuel Stoffel.
Although it can be difficult to study during the week before spring break, it also can be quite advantageous as well.   



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