Juniors vs. Seniors parking

Senior Jack Wall drives into the senior parking lot late Monday morning. Its already 8:20 am and he still needs to unpack and go see a teacher. He comes into the parking lot only to realize that all the spots have been filled. He questions this because he img_0142-1normally always has a spot, but today he doesn’t. So instead, he drives up and around to the front and just as he’s getting out of his car the bell rings and he receives a tardy.
Providence Academy senior privileges are very slim. But one advantage of being a senior is having their own parking space behind the building. This parking space allows only seniors the right to park there and no one else. But lately juniors have been parking in this lot leaving some of the seniors without a parking space in the morning.
“It’s a little frustrating when the juniors park in the senior parking lot because it takes spots away from us,” says senior Luke Butek. Senior Jacob Zielinski also says, “The juniors can wait a little longer before they start parking in the back.”img_0141-1
But juniors think that it is not a big deal, considering that they are almost seniors, so they almost have that right.
“I do sometimes park in the back when I’m running late in the morning because it saves me time,” says junior Carolyn Tomaschko.
“It is way easier to park in the back because then you can get out of school easier, and if you are doing track, you do not have to bring your car down to the back at the end of the day,” says junior Juliet White.
Parking your car to the back if you are a junior is easier, but it is also taking away spots that the seniors rightfully have.
“Juniors are not allowed to park in the back because that is reserved for seniors. They will get their chance when the seniors leave,” says Mrs. Harrington.
Now, not all juniors park in the back parking lot. Many do take advantage of the two available parking lots in the front and respect the seniors privacy.
“I don’t really have a need to park in the back. Plus I like parking in the front better cause there are more spaces and all my friends park up here,” says junior Mo Burns.
Juniors parking in the back is only a small problem, one that many people have not heard about. Only some juniors do it, not because they want to annoy the seniors, but because it is easier to get to classes. But they should respect the seniors right, and soon enough they will have that whole lot to themselves.