The Middle and Upper School Counselor Intern, Mrs. Grimm.

After hearing about Providence from an alumni and hearing great things about our community, she decided to reach out to secure an internship in the middle and upper school.
Mrs. Grimm is currently shadowing the PA Upper School Counselor Mrs. Berry as her internship to fulfill the hours she needs for her counseling licence.
After graduating with a master’s degree in counseling at Minnesota State University Mankato, Jennifer Grimm is currently pursuing her counseling licence at Minnesota State University Moorhead.
This is the first time that Mrs. Berry has had an intern, so it a learning experience for her as well. She enjoys having someone to help with the number of meetings she must have by the end of the school year. She commented that she has been recalling her own internship at Osseo, from which she learned so many lessons.

Mrs. Grimm’s full time job

Not only is Mrs. Grimm interning until the end of the year for the upper and middle school, but also holds down a full time job as a career and college counselor at an online school called Connections Academy. She specifically works with juniors.

Where one can find Mrs. Grimm

She says that her goal is to “become a more well rounded counselor with personal counseling hours.” At her current job face to face meetings are few, so Mrs. Berry is having her meet with freshmen for check-in meetings. Mrs. Grimm commented that she has made connections with the students and really enjoys talking to and getting to know them.
When asked about the most important part of her job, she responded “listening”. She hopes that she will gain more experience and knowledge from this internship to help her move forward in counseling.
Mrs. Grimm’s dream job is to be a counselor who specializes in the college and career search.
If you sees Mrs. Grimm walking around the PA halls, do not hesitate to say hello.

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  1. a very up close and personal account about a young mentor for high school students. the article was a start to finish read. well written.

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