Fast February

Each year at Providence Academy, the month of February flies past for a number of reasons. For starters, February is only 28 days long, and begins half way through Catholic Schools Week.  Catholic Schools Week often goes by very fast because there are many fun events and activities that happen. President’s Day is also celebrated during the month of February, so that takes one day off of school in an already short month.
Also during February, there are many different applications due. Everyone applies for honors classes during this month, and this year it is especially hectic because honors levels have been added to every Upper School class except for history. This makes for many more applications to write for each individual student.
“I feel especially stressed this year because I need to decide which honors courses to take, and fill out the applications for all of them,” says Maggie Murphy ’19.
The National Honors Society also has their application due during February. The NHS application is so taxing because students who apply have to write a personal essay about themselves. With an already busy course load and added stress of applications, students to have a pretty busy schedule.
“I was pretty stressed about getting all of my applications done in such a short period of time , but I was able to accomplish

Ms. O’Brien, a Spanish teacher, has a countdown to Spring Break on her board.

everything,” says Jack Zhao ’19.
Another reason that February has flown by very fast is how unseasonably warm it has been. Usually, February is the month where the Twin Cities has the most snow, according to, but this year the month has been unusually warm. We have reached record breaking temperatures, as high as temperatures

Riley Nechanicky ’19 walks into school without a jacket.

in the 60’s. These warm temperatures have created a stir in the Providence community for a break from school and summer fun. Normally, students and faculty start to feel “spring fever” closer to spring break or even during it, but this year the fever has come earlier – just like the unusually warm temperatures.
Many students are restless for spring and summer to come.
Raj Moothedan ’17 says, “It is really nice to have spring weather but I really want spring break to come soon.”
Many of the teachers love the warm weather too. “I love this weather, and it is especially nice for me because I hate wearing socks!” explains Mrs. Gregg, the administrative assistant.
“Fast February” is a name for a month with many different applications due that is only 28 days long and has unseasonably warm weather. Even though February went by so fast, we need to get ready for March, another fast month.