Leaders of the School

Every school has a group of leaders; students who set examples, help others, and improve the school. Providence Academy has the student council. Student council is a group elected by the students, to share ideas and interests of the student body. Student council also plans school related functions and projects. There is a middle school and a high school student council. The members of Providence Academy’s high school student council are Maddie Kelly ‘20, Celia Raney ‘20, Joseph Luedke ‘19, Gabby Munger ‘19, Tommy Wehmann ‘18, Claire Hillen ‘18, Gabe Kopp ‘17, and the president, Evie Kenney ‘17.
To be a member of student council, you have to go through a process. This consists of applying in the spring the year before you are running, then you write a speech and present that speech to the student body, and lastly, the student body votes. Student council representatives are voted in as presidents or vice presidents of their grade. There is also an overall president, which is the senior class president, Evie Kenney ‘17. Evie likes  “being able to bounce ideas off of other students from different grades.” She also likes “hearing concerns from other students and ideas to help us make the school better.” One of the most recognized achievements of the student council is the movement of semester exams from after Christmas break to

Providence Academy’s student council. Starting with Mr. Fussy(advisor) on the left, Gabe Kopp ’17, Celia Raney ’20, Maddie Kelly ’20, Evie Kenny ’17, Gabby Munger ’19, Joseph Luedke ’19, Tommy Wehmann ’18, Mrs. Ramirez(advisor), and not pictured: Claire Hillen ’18.

before Christmas break.
Student council usually has meetings every week. At those meetings they talk about ideas and plan upcoming events. For example, they are planning Catholic Schools week right now which is coming up very soon! Meetings are the best part of being on the student council board according to Maddie Kelly ‘20 and Celia Raney ‘20. Maddie mentions that the meetings are her favorite part of being on the student council board because she loves to plan things. Celia Raney says she “really likes the meetings because [they] all get to work together and share ideas!” At those meetings the students are supervised by advisors. The advisors are Mrs. Ramirez and Mr. Fussy, who are also a big part of student council.
Overall, student council is a great group to have at Providence Academy. The student council is capable of great things. They are great influences on the student body and they make the school a better place.



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