Coach Spotlight

Providence Academy offers many athletic activities. Every year in lower school, each grade is required to take gym. Upper schoolers are obligated to take at least one of gym. Outside of school, Providence offers many other sports such as soccer, basketball, swimming, hockey, track, and volleyball. Each sport has one or more coaches, and sometimes that coach will oversee more than one sport.
Even though all students are familiar with the sport, do they know the coaches?
Darin Waldo, a lower school basketball coach, explained  his reason for coaching by saying, “I wanted to stay around the game when I was not able to play it anymore.” He also added that, “I love the group of kids I coach and love to get to know kids more and be able to give them a better experience on basketball.”
The softball coach and gym teacher, Mrs. Carron commented on why she began teaching. When asked why she started she replied, “My parents were going to pay for my college, but I wanted to be a stay at home mom. So, I picked P.E. because I enjoyed teaching and wanted to be close to my family. I get off at the same time my kids do which I like. I have been coaching for 20+ years now and have enjoyed every year.”
When asked the question, “What effect does Providence have that makes you want to continue teaching and coaching?” Mr. Fussy, a Providence Academy gym teacher for lower, middle, and upper school, replied, ” The environment when I teach is so fun to be around and the enjoyment that I have coaching these kids is what I enjoy being around.”
All of these coaches enjoy more than just the sport they coach. That is what is great about Providence Academy coaches. They don’t just teach to have a job and make money, but because they actually enjoy what they do, and enjoy helping the students improve. Everyone knows the sports Providence offers, but not many fully understand the reasons the coaches have for wanting to coach. Providence Academy not only offers many great sports, but also allows players to make connections with the coaches and feel more confident in what they do.




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