Speeding Students

One of the greatest privileges belonging to PA students is the ability to drive to school. The back parking lot is, in fact, reserved for the seniors. However, students have been known to sometimes abuse their privilege, especially in regards to their speed on the roads.
Security officer anddscn3566 retired police officer Dale Duerksen commented on the student drivers, saying, “Most of you students are very safe drivers. A few are not. Even though the road outside school is normally 45 miles per hour, it is reduced to 25 miles per hour during school hours. Some people seem to forget that.”dscn3567
In the winter months, speeding is less of a problem. The drivers sometimes have to deal with snow, ice, and sleet on the roads, which are just as, if not more dangerous.
Students aren’t the only drivers on the road, however. “Surprisingly enough, I do not see students speeding as much as I see parents speeding outside of school trying to get their kids to class on time,” stated Sophie Koeppl ’16.
Even with the dangers that come with driving, both administration and students alike agree that there should be some parking lot for the students. “Without the parking lot, there’s no school. Students must have the ability to come and go to school on their own. It’s a part of growing up,” stated Officer Duerksen. “However, just remember to pay attention, not be distracted, use common sense, and always wear your seat belt.”

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