9th vs. 12th Graders During Finals

Every year during the month of December, Providence Academy has finals for the Upper School. The finals are cumulative in each class.
This year is the first year the freshman class will be taking finals, and the last year the senior class will be taking them. It’s very easy to see differences in how they prepare.
“I am nervous for finals, especially history. I’m going to be studying everyday this weekend,” says Freshman Maddie Anderson.  Another freshman, May Farnamsays, “I’m nervous since it’s my first year taking finals, so this weekend I will be spending several hours on each subject.” Another freshman, Kelly Rajkowski says, “I have made so many quizlets and study guides for each test, and I still have to memorize so much.”
Finals are clearly a very sore topic for the freshman right now, but not so much for the seniors. Senior Ashley Servais says, “I am only studying for one of my exams. I feel confident in the others.” Another senior, Camille James, says, “I am just reviewing my notes and that will be how I am going to study this weekend. All my other finals shouldn’t be that hard.”
The freshman, of course, are more nervous for finals since it is their first year. But given it is the last year the seniors will be taking their finals, they are showing no fear and are more laid back on how they are preparing for them. Though both seniors and freshman will do well on their finals,  hopefully by next year they all have a better idea on how to study. As far as the seniors go, they officially wrapped up their last year of finals at Providence Academy.