The Faith of the Alumni

If there is one thing that warms the hearts of the Providence Academy faculty, it is hearing stories about how the alumni have lived out their faith and helped others. Thankfully, there are plenty of these stories to go around.
One of the primary goals of Providence Academy is to foster and build up the students’ Catholic faith and make them better people overall. This means that one of the best things PA could see a former student do is live out his/her life fully as a

West Point cadets in formation.
West Point cadets in formation.

One exceptionally virtuous student who has decided to live his life for others is Charles Christianson. Mr. Christianson has chosen to serve in the US Army and was accepted into the United States Military Academy (West Point).
He said that he “always wanted to serve”.
Mr. Christainson thought that Providence Academy really helped instill virtues in the students which he said was something that many kids struggle with. He also felt positively about the school’s religious atmosphere. He described that when in college there is a lot more things that conflict with religious life and make it harder to do things like go to Church. Mr. Christianson said how it was good that PA basically makes people go to religious classes, as it helps in the real world where there isn’t a very Catholic-friendly society.
Overall, Providence Academy has the primary goal of fostering the students’ Catholic faith and teaching them how to live out their lives virtuously. With that being said, there is nothing that the school as a whole could appreciate more from their students than seeing this happen in the real world.